Equalization and bass traps

I just installed the Onix R-DES in my home theater system in my living room. Does anyone have an opinion about whether it is sufficient to focus on equalizing between 20-80 hz, rather than 20-120? If I limit my focus to 80 and below, I achieve a very flat curve (+/- 3db). But if I try to equalize all the way up to 120, the range is more like (+/- 7db) with some peaks right next to nulls. My speakers are crossed over at 80hz.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for a company that makes bass traps suitable for a living room? I don't want many traps, maybe just one or two to put on the bottom part of the walls closes to the sub. The sub is already sitting on an isolation platform, which helps quite a bit.

Hello, I can't answer your first question regarding equalizing. My suggestion is to go to Real Traps website as it has some of the best info around regarding the use of eq and room treatment. I also think he has the best bass traps, which is what you need. Don't forget two important things, first is that bass traps are most effective in the room corners, it is the place to start then work you way around the room. Because point number two is it is all about coverage, to be very effective. One bass trap, don't waste you money. Two bass traps in the corners is absolute minimum. If you can treat all four corneres its a good start. Room acoustics and bass trapping is the biggest revelation you can have if done properly. I believe all serious audiophiles should have a treated room and hopefully new audiophiles do this before buying equipment so as to really hear what they are buying.