Mcintosh C220 paired with Krell KAV-2250

I have been running a Krell KAV-2250 with a KAV-280p for the last year and although there are elements of the sound I was happy with (soundstage, bass definition, dyanmics) there has always been a lack of musicality/humanity to the sound. As a result I have decided to purchase a Mcintosh C220 pre amp to run with the KAV-2250. I have read several reviews and threads on matching tube preamps with ss power amps and the two amps look like a match from an impendance perspective. There are however no reviews matching Krell and Mcintosh. My system includes Dali Helicon 400's and a Meridian G08 CD player. I would appreciate input if anyone has heard these together in a system.
Yes, the Mcintosh will give a different blend than the Krell. I like it. Smoother more relaxed sound. You will have to try it. For many it is the perfect blend. I use Mcintosh amps which are also smooth. I like Krell amps too. Different sound however.
Brian - did you end up buying the C220?