Mcinotsh C1100 vs C2600 with Chord Qutest?

Hi everyone! I just got the C2600 (first mcintosh product i listened to) to audition and I love it, they really bring out something in my Blades that I did not know the speaker even had. 

I have it connect to my Chord qutest DAC and I am thinking if i love this tube mcintosh sound maybe the C1100 will be a better fit since i already have a dac? I was going to ask you guys how these 2 compare and what the sound of the C1100 is like? 

Unfortunately I would not be able to audition the C1100 this is why I am asking 

Thank you! 
I have a C2500 preamp and have listened to the C1100 preamp at AC. For me there wasn’t enough of a difference to justify the added expense, plus my preamp has a processor loop which I need in my system. The C1100 doesn’t offer that.  I don’t bother with the dac built into my preamp, my Esoteric SACD already has a much better sounding one. 
Recently purchased a C2700 with the DAC2.  Frankly, I love it.  If I were you... that might be the direction I would go.  But, let your ears be the judge.