MC-1/Cinepro/B&W - Cable Recommendations

Relatively new to HT, need help with interconnects, digital cables for current system which consists of Lexicon MC-1 Pre-Pro, Cinepro 3K6 amp and B&W N803/HTM-1 (Front) and N805's (Rear). Currently using Monster Cables (cheap ones at that), but I obviously need to upgrade given the equipment. Been looking at Silver Audio "Hyacynth", HT Pro Silways etc... Any help would be appreciated
What I am saying will sound like audio heresy, but the only criteria to look for in cables/speaker wire is: Good shielding, low RIC, and basic good construction. Go and buy some of Radio Shacks best cables and you will get all these at a bargain price, not a rip off price. Try it out !
Dear Jeraza, I presume you aren't asking about interconnect and speaker cable which costs thousands per met. If you want a inexpensive upgrade but one that will make a real difference try Kimber. Specifically I would use the PBJ for the analog interconnect and the 8TC for the Speaker cable. You can always improve on that with cable higher up the price ladder but the Kimber is a real steal particularly with the proces going crazy.
for home theater i've found that APATURE cables are an incredible bargain.THEY MAKE ALL THE FORMATS AND ALSO speaker cable.DON't let the price fool you,they perform as good as the super high end brands.
I suggest that you contact Mark Schneider. He sells Canare cables, which are outstanding. Stereophile rated this $25 digital cable class "A", and they are right. You can spend thousands per meter, and not hear the difference. He also offers RCA, and balanced terminations, and speaker wire. Color coding with cable, and boots is also available. Go to Ebay, and search "Audio", and the name Canare. I just finished an order, and his service was an 11 on a 10 scale
Perhaps contact Stephen Monte at Quest For Sound regarding the Phoenix Gold cables. I upgraded from Monster to Phoenix Gold at a modest investment and noticed a marked improvement in sound quality. [email protected] is his email; he is also a regular at the AudiogoN auctions. Best of luck.