Anyone have feedback on the CINEPRO 3K6SE GOLD ??

I am hoping to start a thread with a little feedback on this amp, and how its users like it...
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Here's my thinking on this amp...If you need that much power for an HT amplifier, why not use more sensitive/efficient speakers instead??? I mean, if you have speakers that are 86db sensitive at 1 watt, my first thought on that is that makes for a dynamically challenged speaker from the get go for a full range speaker for HT!
Over all however, the amp is probably about a class B rating sonically. It's going to be excellent for movies, and descent for music. There are better amps for high end music dubties with a lot of speaker chioces you might be using to consider, for at least your mains. Still, you would be better served with higher sensitivity*(even lower refinement) HT speakers, using lower wattage amps I think. Dynamically, this is a more efficient set up, as well as paractical I think. If your speakers are low sensitiviy, and you are sticking with them for HT, I could see the desisre for the Cinepro at, what, 400w/ch?
I have speakers in the 92-96db sensitive speakers for my HT dubties over the years, and they have a much better dynamic advantage than the lower sensitivity designs over all. And I don't need so much wattage to make em smack either!..just refined, clean power.
Anyway, I think you'd not get a bad amp with the Cinepro, I just think there's a lot of other possiblities to explore as well. Otherwise, it seems like a descent enough amp, and it's probably built well too.
Thanks for your opinion Foreverhifi2000, we appreciate it. Let's try to keep this thread limited to people who have owned or own Cinepro, or even done some real life auditioning and can feedback from experience.
The Cinepro SE models have been favorably compared to the best out there. I believe that my 3K6SE Gold is every bit as good as the Krell FPB 200 that I demoed in my system. If anything I think the Cinepro has the best bass control of any consumer amp . If you need some serious power for the latest explosions or your favorite copy of Thus Spake Zarathustra this is the amp to have.

I would not recommend this amp since the company Cinepro (if I am right) does not exist anymore after the founder passed away.

If you are buying it be prepared for 3rd party support.
Anyone buying one of these units from Verastarr is very much covered by the company who makes them, which never was Cinepro anyway. There are parts, service, and support for Cinepro as we speak.
Ahhhh.... this thread looks like it was started by someone that is in the business of selling / supporting these products, but done so in somewhat of an under-handed manner. As such, it is kind of in poor taste and should be considered nothing less than an advertisement.

I think that you ( Verastarr ) might have been better off saying that parts and service for Cinepro amps are available through you and that if anyone has any questions regarding these amps, that you would be glad to help them out. Starting a thread looking for feedback about the amp and then stating that you sell them and service them is pretty much a "shill" tactic as far as i'm concerned. None the less, i'm sure that those that own / are interested in Cinepro amps are glad to know that they are not completely out on their own on this one. Sean
It is obvious what I do, and I have ads posted all over Audiogon including Banner ads on this exact amp, as we speak. I also have an ad stating I provide service if needed. (maybe you could look first) I am a featured dealer on this site, and have nothing to "hide". I started this thread to do exactly what I stated. And by the way, this is very much less than an advertisement. Read my ads to recognize marketing my friend. I am in no way sneaking around, and hope next time you make personal opinions about the way someone conducts business, you do so from a carefully researched position, which obviously in this case you did not.
I will state once again...
" I am hoping to start a thread with a little feedback on this amp, and how its users like it"
This has not changed.
When people have misinformation like Mr. Skorpiokis, I must educate on the facts, for the understanding of the whole group.
Get it Sean???? Feedback from users buddy, feedback from users.
Wow......I haven't heard the name Cinepro in a very long time. Brings back great memories of my buddy's insanely good theater system.
He had two or three Cinepro 3K6 SE MKII amps. Source Technology speakers, EAD preamp/processor and Vidikron Vision One projector.

Ridiculously good theater. 
Man, I haven't thought of that in years.