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Stunned by a cable upgrade
I agree with Estrnad - I'm using Oval 9 for the bass run and Silver Ovals for the highs - first time I played throgh them, I was truly amazed at the bass content as well as the mid/high clarity.Cheers. 
Best female vocals on CD
Patricia Barber, "Modern Cool". Period. 
Why pay "more" for USED??
Look a little deeper. There is another auction on eBay for a pair if 802'2, a pair of 805's, and a HTM1 all NIB for $8k no reserve. It is hard to understand how one would pay so high for damaged speakers when so much more is available in another a... 
Music trivia anyone?
Question: What's the first thing you know? 
Best smooth jazz albums?
Gota - Day & NightMarc Antoine - Classical SoulGerald Veasley - Love LettersSteve Cole - Between UsChris Botti - First WishAnything by Patricia Barber and The Rippingtons (great call Hiflyer!)Enjoy!!! 
best place to buy toshiba hdtv?
Streetman - check this link:http://www.pricescan.com/electronics/items/item506841.aspand see if you get a source close to your area (keep those shipping costs down. 
separates for BW Natilus 804?
Joeb - I have B&W CDM9NT's that I am using with a Sony STR-DA777ES. Many would say a receiver does not do the B&W speakers justice, but I tell you that I rarely turn up past "1" and get great musical response. For HT, have to crank it up t... 
Speaker Fetish
My B&W's are my main squeeze, but I've been seeing a pair of Uno Avantgarde's on the side - can't help myself, all those curves just slay me. 
Finding original shipping containers?
LOL - I would suggest contacting a local custom corrugated manufacturer and have a carton produced - will cost a bit, but with foam inserts will be as good or better than originals. Cheers, Steve 
Optical cable vs. Digital interconnect
Agree with Avguygeorge...TosLink (optical) is inferior in regards to mechanics (connector interface), electrics (lower bandwith than coax) and sonics (less separation achieved than with coax). Of course, many applications such as laserdisc and Son... 
Male audiophile seeking Female audiophil
Wilford - I was blown away the other night by my wife, who has questioned me on "what's that silver thing (DAC) gonna do" and "I can't believe speaker cables cost that much" and "where did the rent money go(?)". She was doing some mending, sitting... 
Internet DVDs
Sorry, http link lost due to use of brackets. Address is www.dvdtalk.com. Cheers, Steve 
Internet DVDs
Best bet is to go to where you will find links to virtually all net DVD dealers. Cheers, Steve. 
All-time best recordings for romance
Once, at band camp, I bumped uglies with a cute little flugelhorn player while listening to Type O Negative "Bloody Kisses". Since then, I haven't been able to "defy gravity" unless there's T-O-N in the air (I carry a CD, MD, and cassette everywhe... 
B&W CDM 9 NT Anyone listend to these?
Wagner - MSRP on the 9NTs is $2600/pair. 7NTs is $2000/pair, 1NTs is $1600/pair. I agree with Sugarbrie, the NT series blows away SE series hands down.