Cinepro system at HI FI 2004

HI, anyone hear this system. Here's a pic of it.
The room was just too full of speakers and too small to do any justice to these speakers. But the girls outside the door on Thursday were well worth watching. Wine & cheese inside too.

Same as at HES2003 in SF. This time, I chose not to suffer the outrageous SPLs and stayed away.
They look alot like the Tyler speakers with just different drivers.
You did not have to be in the room to hear or experience thier system. Every room within 5 of theirs suffered. Stereophile should consider refunds to several exhibitors and place all HT exhibits on separate floors for all future shows. Silverline took the brunt of it. And yes, the show girls' skirts gave a new definition to short.
The folks who pirated the Cinepro name have not the slightest idea how to demonstrate equipment. They think short skirts, wine and cheese sell amplifiers. It was insulting to many peoples intelligence, and harmful to many others ears. What do you expect from a chairopractor and an auto mechanic?(They will be shut down soon)
The ACTUAL Cinepro that stems from Eric Abraham has
a more refined product line. You can rest assured we will have more class, and demo the equipment with much more respect towards our fellow manufacturers, and potential customers.
I was at the Home Theater show in N.Y. and was very impressed with the demonstration of Cinepro Equipment. Yes it was a little loud, but impressively crystal clear. The movie clip that was played was from “The Hulk”. When the scene started there was some quite dialogue and then a fight broke out between the Hulk and some mutant dogs. That is when the volume became very loud. This I would say was not the fault of the equipment or the demonstrators but the movie producers and sound crews who choose to have such a wide range between dialogue and action scenes. I noticed the same thing on my own system with “The Lord of The Rings” movies. The main thing here is that the equipment had the headroom and dynamics to handle such a movie scene with no trouble at all. When you need it, it’s there. I also noticed that the people in the room with me all seemed to be very impressed with the system and the answers that they got when questions were asked. I thought that the Cinepro personal were very professional in the way that they demonstrated the equipment and fielded questions. I stayed behind and talked with the president of Cinepro and asked a few questions myself and found that he has an extensive background in electronics design and has been a foreman for an electrical company for many years. I personally thought that it was one of the more impressive rooms at the show. As far as the wine and cheese, nice touch.
Thanks for standing behind the product and the awesome design.
The amplifiers are great thanks to Eric Abraham, not the wise guys who pirated the name. I am happy you liked the designs, they are in our opinion the best amplifier available for Cinema. Just recently I have inspected and tested (on an Audio Precision Scope) a customers amp who bought one of these "NEW" 4 series, and it is not even close to the rated wattage, damping factor or peak current specs. Furthermore it had a "3K6" serial number inside.(if you have a 4 series check for yourself!) I would not believe everything you hear from these guys.
One fact is for sure.. the wise guys have nothing at all to do with the original CINEPRO.
I am glad they did not offend you.
I had 2 Cinepro 3K6 SE Gold MK III amps that I loved and used for approximately two years. As you know these are some of the best amps on the market today. My brother was looking to buy one and I had the upgrade bug so I decided to sell him one of mine and I sold the other one right here on Audiogon. I purchased two new MK IV amps from the new owners of Cinepro about a year ago and I must say that I have to respectfully disagree with your opinion of these new amps. They definitely have more power and more headroom and I don’t need any testing device to hear the difference. I no longer get the soft clipping that I would sometimes get when I would drive my speakers extra hard, which is something I like to do when I am home alone. The sound is more dynamic and my 2 Hsu TN 1220 subs crank like never before.
They improved on the grounding and shielding for lower noise and increased the wattage. They installed insulated 24-carat gold binding posts with more room to connect speaker wires, which was always a problem on the old amps. They installed a non-polarity sensitive trigger and include a larger power cord as well as other improvements. They even give a longer warrantee. What could be wrong with that?
I think that these guys took a great product and made it even better!

Again, we are glad you love the design ! It will be carried on in style. One day soon, you will find out the whole Cinepro story. As a consumer, I guess it doesn't matter to you how or who you got the product from, as long as it rocks your world. The trigger was designed by Eric Abraham before he died. The grounding was improved by Eric as well before Erics new Mark III line was released. If you wish to believe these wise guys that it was thier idea, than that is your choice. One day, soon, you will get the whole picture. I am not knocking the design at all, I am simply standing up for the REAL person who made the changes.Too bad he is deceased and cannot defend himself and his design changes. Give credit where credit is due. If you want to see something neat, remove the top cover of your amp, and look inside for the 3K6III serial will say "3K6III". These amps should have been sold as NOS Cinepro items , or "upgraded markIII" The Gold versions should be sold for around $5000, Instead, they added a $2 "4K" badge, 2 $15 rear plates, and a power cord, then labeled it as some brand new design, and charge $8750 for it...What a hustle!! And to think that they took credit for designs that a deceased person made!!! God help them!!