Maze Audio and other audiophile power cords

Hi, this is just a general observation, so nobody needs to get excited if I am mistaken.

We all know some sites are flooded with knock-off Oyaide plugs.   I know, since I suspect I am a victim of that too.   The plugs look almost identical, except the lack of an laser hologram sticker (which comes with a serial number, typically).   The screws are also of inferior quality --- they could get damaged after a few uses.   (granted, you'd only use the screws twice: once to loose them up for inserting the wires, once to tighten them up)

What troubles me somewhat is that the same sites are also flooded with audiophile power cords.   Many of such power cords look real nice.  8ga and reference designation and fancy SOTA technology description et al, but they also use the same suspected Oyaide knock off.

So my question is: Are they safe to purchase?  I am no fan of counterfeit.  If any part isn't genuine, I would not buy it.   (I don't mind inexpensive part, nor cloned designs, but I am pretty stubborn vs fakes)


I guess my question should be re-phrased as:  Are those Oyaide plugs without the laser hologram sticker just OEMs, or their authenticity is truly questionable?

It could be a bit of a mix.  A lot of times, the Chinese suppliers making parts for foreign clients will run excess production and sell these parts locally.  So, you could actually have a hybrid, Oyaide plug body but with different screws.  
Maze Audio maybe 1 guy bought that stuff.
Some of those look-a-like Oyaide plugs are actually quite good sounding and well built. What bothers me is when someone advertises a Knock-off Oyaide as the real deal and it isn't.
I only use Furutech not a fake as you will get fake sound i only buy from honest dealers.Good luck.
Maze audio 8 awg cables are aluminum with copper plating.  I have one and I regret buying it because I learned that later.