Matching amps for martinlogan prodigy

Iam building a system with the martinlogan prodigy as front speakers. I find it increasingly difficult to find a moderately price amp to drive these current hungy speakers.I have considered the Rotel 1090 pseudo balance at 380 watt into 8 ohms and nearly double the wattage at 4 ohms. Any suggestion about moderately price amps and matching speaker cable will be much appreciated. Thanks guys...
Try Electrocompaniet - high current and smooth sound the 120, or the 250 - even the 60 will drive them.
Try any version of the Aragon 8008 amp. The Aragons drive the very demanding Martin Logans nicely. I use the Aragon 4004 mk.II to drive my Martin Logan Sequel II's, which present an extremely punishing load to moderate amps, but the Aragon doesn't break a sweat! These are great amps at moderate prices.
I'm driving a pair of SL3 with a McCormack DNA 1/Rev B in a room 26*16*7.5. This gives me a conservative 350/side into 4 ohms. If the Prodigy load is similar you can start here, else I have seen the McCormack DNA 2 showing up in a lot of places for $2500-3000 as dealers unload their demos. The newer McCormacks have been getting good press, but I doubt that you'd beat the price/value ratio for a DNA 1 or 2.
I am driving my prodigies with a PAIR of classe 201 in a bi amp mode with very good results.I used to drive them with Brystons 7 monoblocks but they were a little to bright for my taste.
I am driving a pair of SL-3s with Sunfire's cinema grand, biwiring the rear two channels to power the woofers, with great success. The sunfire is inexpensive(relatively) at approximately $1600 new, and, more importantly, incredibly flexible (if you choose to try a home theater/ multi-channel set up). They also sell stereo amps. IMHO Sunfire is definitely the best buy for the money. Maybe not the best possible sound, and maybe not the largest power output, but the best of both world while building on a budget. Just remember Logans like lots of power.
I am using a McIntosh MC-352 (350 at 8 ohms), with Adcom GPF-750, Denon DVD-5000 and Nordost Blue Heaven II all around. It's just fine and I drive the Prodigy to the limits (actually I haven't found the limit yet). The power guard on the Mac hasn't come on yet (you can't clip the Mac). Also the MC-352 has terminals specific to the load 8/4/2. So the Mac will even drive a 2 ohm load to where ever it will take it (uses something called Autoformers to match the Amp output stages and speaker loads of 2, 4 and 8 ohms).