Advice on ML Prodigys

I'm looking for advice on the Martin Login Prodigys, what would be a recommended amp for these speakers, I have a homemade tube amp now but it's not big enough for the prodigys. I maybe getting a pair of Prodigys through Chesky Records a company you guys should check out their ablums sound amazing
Well, I have ML Aerius i's. I wish I could afford the Prodigys. I drive mine with a Marsh A400S 200w/channel solid state amp which is driven by a Audio Research LS-16. I understand that your amp could see impedances as low as a couple ohms at some frequencies so I would guess at least 100 watts and being able to drive lower impedances without a hickup wouldn't hurt.
Well, depends on your price range and taste. So, without knowing either, I'll suggest that the Wolcott Audio Presence amp would easily do everything the Prodigy's need done, and very musically as well. The Wolcotts are quite at home with difficult loads - remarkably so for a tube amp - and have authorative bass, musical mids with those EL34 output tubes, and very nice highs with the new wide-bandwidth output transformers. In the recent TAS review of the twenty-one grand Halcro superamp, Dan Sweeny notes that the Halcro is the first amp he's heard that betters the Wolcotts (though he says they were about equal in the deep bass). Sweeny elaborates that he's compared the Wolcotts to amps from Krell, Spectral, Pass Labs, Bryston, and Burmester, and only the Burmeser even approached the Wolcotts.
I would give the Carver Sunfire a listen; it handles low impedances with ease and I've heard it matches well with M.L.'s. It also won't break your wallet at only around $1K used.
I also have Prodigys and was running them with a Wadia 850 source and Pass Labs X150 with good results. IMO the fast, transparent Pass amp is a good match for the ML's and easily drives them to high volume levels. More important than the amp, however, was speaker placement which took me a long time to get right- especially as the best set-up kept changing as cables broke-in etc.
"I maybe getting a pair of Prodigys through Chesky Records..." ? Did you win them? Chesky had a recent drawing for a pair--are you the lucky guy? If so, man am I jealous!
Chesky's contest hasn't ended yet so if this is the pair, I think someone is counting the proverbial chickens...