DAC to pair with Baetis Prodigy X3 Server

I am rebuilding may main stereo system and focusing on streaming and a DAC at the moment. I have decided on a Baetis server streamer and would like to get a compatible DAC. I am looking at either a used T+A DAC 8 or a new DAC200. I use Tidal for streaming and will rip CD’s. Mainly listen to jazz.but eclectic tastes otherwise.

Speakers are revealing and the amp has a wonderful smooth delivery which helps to balance speakers, would like a DAC on the warm side but also like the detail I get from my Hugo 2.

open to suggestions…budget for streamer + DAC $15k CDN max


Here are a couple others to consider…



You might look into R2R non-oversampling DACs as they tend to have detailed but a more “analog” sound as there’s a lot less digital processing going on although the T&A DAC is obviously excellent as well.  Look into an Innuos Zen or Zenith streamer/server as well — their Sense app is free and gets great reviews and is continuously being upgraded with better sound at each new iteration.  Also, I hear Qobuz is finally coming to Our Home and Native Land, and I’d highly recommend you do a free trial if/when available. Best of luck in your search.

Thanks for the suggestions, I was familiar with the terminator and my dealer had suggested that as well if I wanted to save some $ relative to the DAC 200. He then put me in touch with a client selling the DAC 8 for 1/3 of the DAC200 cost new, so I have decided to go that route. He said if I utilize the USB connections it is still not as good as the DAC200 but close and a big difference in cost.

I will compare it to my Chord Hugo 2, must admit its very difficult to listen to components in other systems to judge the sound so looking forward to hearing my new streaming package at home in my system.

Congrats on the DAC8!  T&A makes great stuff and I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the sound.