Massive, one-of-a-kind record collection for sale!

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I bought several classical LPs from Harry Pearson's collection. They didn't cost me much!
Not into Motown or Chicago, for that matter. 😛
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Now tell me it has every original Blue note ever made, never opened. Every Riverside,savoy, Commodore, Fantasy, every Verve, all those early Jazz. a complete Mercury 90000 every last one unopened.. every first edition stereo RCA. shaded dog. Oh. none of THOSE records...’Gimme a break.

I think it all depends on what you listen to and/or collect.  Everything you mentioned above, has no interest for me.  That's not what I listen to or collect, so "for me" THOSE records have no appeal.

While I agree that you should buy music to listen to, I am probably one of the guiltiest at keeping records sealed.  I have LOTS of them.  Sometimes as an extra copy to an already open one or just to keep it new.

Hello, my name is mraudioguru and I'm an LP addict...
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I used to haunt my local GoodWill years ago. When they sold LPs for 50 cents! Bought a thousand + ! All good stuff! 
@elizabeth make the (lp) side of audio ….very appealing?

Goodwill still sells vinyl, at least in,my area, at 3 albums for a dollar.

However most times I have visited it was near impossible to find even 3 worth buying....think they are sad times for vinyl now in thrift shops.

CD on the other hand? That is the new vinyl in thrift shops!
Yesterday one of our local stores was doing a special of 4 CD for a dollar!