Massive Attack fans....

good news...the new album is coming in early Feb...after Mezzanine...which was even better than their legendary "Blue Lines" debut...there is a high level of anticipation...what other group takes 3-4 years between releases? Talk about attention to detail...I dont know about u...but I will have this in hand on the day it comes out...anybody have the exact release date...or know of any remixes besides the Mad Professor ones....
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It is due to go out on February 14 in Canada. I assume it is the same release date for the US.
Phasecorrect- You do have the Massive Attack CD "protection" right? I have not heard of "blue lines" but will look into it. On a similar note I think Tricky has been on a down word slide as of late, his first few were good but "Juxtpose" was pretty bad, and I think he has another release since which I haven't even thought of getting yet! Speaking of this kind of music and untimely follow ups what about the Sneaker Pimps??? the release stuff every where but the US! And is Portishead still around?
blue lines came firts, then protection, then mezzanine. i prefer trucky's solo work to massive attack.

tireguy, you'll like tricky's newest one (blowack) if you didn't like juxtapose. it's more in line with his earlier, almost accessible stuff
Long time between releases.....still waiting for My Bloody Valentines follow-up to 1991's Loveless. Nah, its been too long long to care now. It was great to have a new Steely Dan record after twenty years but are you really gonna pull 2 Against Nature off the shelf when you want to hear them? Not unless you got time to listen to eight albums ( nine counting the nightfly ). btw I only have blue lines and like it I guess it may be time to dig deeper.
Wow, a couple of great groups are mentioned here! First, I wasn't even aware Massive Attack was going to produce anything else past Mezzanine, but now I'm quite excited to see what they've been up to. Remixes show up from time to time on various downtempo collections, but the MP mixes are the only that I know were released as a collection. I have the Teardrop single which contains some work by British DJs, but to be honest, it's nothing spectacular.

To answer Tireguy, Portishead broke up following their live Roseland NYC concert; fantastic DVD of that one, by the way. It's too bad, because Dummy and the eponymous first album are two of my all-time favorites. Beth Gibbons' vocals are so haunting and Geoff Barrows, the DJ/mastermind of the group, was so meticulous in his mixing that he would cut his own brand-new lps containing the samples he wished to use.

And Bld63, you mentioned MBV. Oh man. Loveless is simply amazing. Layes upon layers of beautiful, complex sound, at times dissonant but always coherent. It sounds terrible to say, but I was a little disappointed to see it gain a lot of positive press from Q magazine and Rolling Stone, because I think some might have bought it to jump on an "insider" feel. I always see some almost new copies sitting in my local used-cd store, and I think it's perhaps not for everyone. As for new MBV, I've heard that the group has lost half its original members and has been sitting on a new release for at least five years, if not longer. If anyone else has any news, it would be most appreciated.

Finally, a thought which arose when I was thinking about MBV above, and trust me, this goes far far FAR afield from the main topic. Does anyone else get slightly peeved and, dare I say it, possessive when a favorite band starts to gain mass-market appeal and all of your buddies buy the CD? One never wants to be thought of as a bandwagoner. In the movie High Fidelity, for example, John Cusack says, "I will now sell 5 copies of the 3 EPs cd by the Beta Band" which, until that point, was a relatively unknown but great introduction to the quirky group. In a broader sense, what about those times when a favorite book, let's say The End of the Affair by Graham Greene, is now re-issued with Ralph Fiennes and Julianne Moore on the cover and a big splashy logo which says "Now a Major Motion Picture from whoever-it-is!". Aiiii! Many of my friends (and I'm positive I'm much younger than most on this board, hence my juvenile ranting) will watch a movie, then immediate head over to Barnes and Noble to pick up the book. I suspect it's so that they can smugly and knowingly say, "Well, yes, Fight Club IS a good movie, but it lacks the impact of the book." Boy, it's a good thing I'm not cynical, 'cause then, well, um, I'd be...oh never mind.

I don't think Portishead is dead. From what I've heard, they have a new album coming out this year.
With regards to Portishead, I am not sure if they are releasing any new material, but Beth Gibbons just released a solo album with 'Rustin Man', who apparently was involved with Talk Talk at some point. It's gettting some pretty good comments from various avenues and is undoubtedly a very nice recording. It is, unfortunately, only a fairly expensive ($20+) import at the moment, unless you happen to live in the UK I suppose.

P.S. Speaking of Talk Talk, anyone who has written them off as an '80's pop band should check out their later material, particularly 'Laughing Stock'. Very interesting and adventurous jazz/post-rock hybrid music that stands in a musical realm of it's own. Surprised the heck out of me anyway...
Yes...I have the Mad Professor's remixes entitled "No Protection"...and they are far and away more stimulating than the original ones...but to be fair..."Protection" is Massive Attack's weakest album....BUt "Mezzanine" is a monster of an album...right up there with Portishead's "Dummy"...and CHem Bros. "Dig your own hole"...possibly the 3 best electronic albums of the 90s...