Martin Logan Problem

I own a pair of SL3's and one of them have recently gone dead. After looking at it closly, I discovered there are some wires attached to the left and also to the right side of the back of the metal cage at the bottom just above the bass speaker. When I apply heavy pressure using my hand from the front of the metal cage at that point where the wires are soldered, the sound would be restored.

Has anyone come across this problem or maybe understand what it could be? Also, is there a way of disassembling this speaker so that I could get to the problem? Please advise. thanks.
What it sounds like is you have a loose solder joint at the point where the electrostatics are connected. I don't know how you would go about taking the thing apart to fix this. you will probably have to get the electrostatic pannel re-soldered. since the panel is powered, it sounds like the problem is a loose power connection to the pannel, since it is almost impossible to blow the pannel itself. I would have a Martin Logan dealer look at it, they would have the best knowledge in how to fix the problem
Usually ML is hyper responsive and helpful. Give them a call.
Jim power at martin logan is an excellent source of information. The panel should pop out.The wires should be easily disconnected from the transformer. If you have a manual this should be covered. I usually disconnect wires from transformer first then pop out the panels. Unfortunately this sounds like a factory return. Sorry.