Best Amp For Martin Logan Aerius i Under $2000

I wonder what integrated amplifier I need to choose for `Martin Logan
Aerius i` speakers. Many suggest to use a tube amplifier to drive these
speakers. Any specific recomendations on amp would be great! Ideally I
would spent no more than $1500...used amp is the only option for me.

p.s. The whole system I try to build will consist of: Oracle Turntable
+ Integrated Amp + Aerius Speakers.
cj cav50
Hi Gregadd:
A very good friend of mine has owned many different systems,one of wich was Arieus driven by McCormak DNA 0.5.
Belive me when i tell you very nice combination.In Canada
the amp was about $2000 canadian give or take.Plenty of power,wich resoulted in big soundstage,great imaging and controlled mids and highs and very tight bottom.
Whit so many amps out there it is hard to choose,trust your instinct,and the rest will fallow.
Regards ROSSQ
Krell 400xi.
Audio Research VT100
I like Gregadd's choice. CAV-50 integrated is warm and smooth.Its simple, no nonsense approach.Right at your budget used. Should be a great match for the open and detailed Aerius!It should give them a fuller, lower mid bass :) Ken
I like the ARC VT100 too.
What about a Blue Circle?

You could go for a CS integrated. I have one and enjoy it every much.
Gilbert at Blue Circle (the designer and founder) also uses CLS IIz and his reference speakers (along with some ML Statement E2's)

If your interested talk to kevin at He is great to deal with.
I've used Aerius and Aerius i's with both a B&K AVR202 receiver (105 w/ch, home theater) and a Bryston 4BST amp (300 w/ch, stereo setup) and have been pleased with both. Whatever you do, I suggest going with at least 100 w/ch; 200+ is ideal. The ML electrostats like current; so blend well with amps that can handle low impedences.

You should be able to find units with 200+ w/ch from Bryston, Aragon, and McCormack for around $1200.
As much as I agree about good current for the Aerius i's, I used a Pass Aleph 3 with mine and (in a smallish room) they were an excellent match. Try a CJ PV 12, or even a PV 10 and you might get a good combo as all might be had near your price point. Beware the rather low input impedance on the Pass if I recall correctly, matched with the tube pre...
I second the blue circle suggestion.
I also own a pair of ML Aerius i's. They recommend 80-200 w/ch according to the manual. In my opinion a Conrad Johnson MF-2250 power amp with 120w/ch, would be an excellent match and then look for a CJ PV10B tube pre amp with phono sec. Thay are both affordable used. The PV10 is no longer available new, but the 2250 still is.
Correction, the PV10B is still available new.
No technical reason to limit yourself to 200W. You couldn't damage those speakers with 500W. I mean ... you could if you pushed the volume to the 3 o' clock position - you know what I mean.

Just can't go wrong with a Krell 400xi/300iL (not 300i) - although they'll run you a tad more.
I just purchased a Sunfire Cinema Grand 200 ~five to drive my Aerius i's. I've vertically bi-amped the Sunfire, and the soundstage is incredible. You can certainly find a used Sunfire in your budget.
tubes tubes tubes... take ur pick, CJ, VTL, VAC, quicksilver, ARC, EAR...
try posting this at the ML club site:
Do not limit yourself to a 200W amp. I am running my Aerius i with Krell FPB 300CX. If you up your budget little more you can really get a good preowned amp for a decent price. You will be amazed what these speakers are capable of producing.
Good Luck