Biwire Martin Logan Aerius? What cables to use?

I own a pair of Martin Logan Aerius speakers. They are currently connected using single run Monster's. I would like to hear thoughts on how to wire the Aerius and what type of cables have worked the best for people who own/have owned them. I want to upgrade and want your experience as a guide.

Thanks in advance for your comments.
Depends on your room and associated equipment. In my large listening room where my main system lives and breathes, the room is somewhat lively so Transparent BiWire fit the bill with my Quest Z's. In my home office it's much smaller and well damped, QED Silver Anniversary BiWire were a nice compliment to my Aerius' YMMV
What's your budget? I am using Virtual Dynamics Audition speaker cables with my ML Aerius's, and the sound is fantastic. I've actually demo'd them against Analysis Plus and DH Labs Q-10's. No contest, the Audition's are in a different league.

The Aerius are already very detailed speakers, and the Audition cables only strengthen this positive attribute. Also, the one area where I was having problems with my ML's was in the bass register--bass was too "loose" and muffled. While part of this might be attributable to the design of the speakers, I found that using solid core copper cables improved the bass performance (for example, my old Audioquest solid core cables did a good job, and are cheaper than the Auditions), and (again) the Virtual Dynamics cables were the clear winner.

So... My recommendation would be to call Rick at Virtual Dynamics ( and get yourself a biwired set of his cables. Otherwise, I would recommend that you look at some solid core copper cables, like a set of Audioquest Indigo's or Tara Labs cables.

Best of luck.
I tried biwiring my Aerius with BearLabs cables, and although I LOVE the cables themselves, biwiring them didn't make any difference. If anything, I thought maybe I liked the one run w/ custom BearLabs jumpers better than two runs.

Hi all,

I find bi-wiring makes a difference especially for ESL speakers. I also agree essentially that solid core copper cables make a good synergy with ML speakers. The rule of thumb basically is that if you can afford to bi-wire then it is worth it, otherwise a good single run of cables will do (provided that you also have quality jumper cables- those brass brackets that come with the speakers are not very good).

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