Looking for Amps with Martin Logan's Aerius i

I just purchased a pair of Martin Logan's Aerius i speakers. I know what kind of sounds I'd like to have in my living room but I'm such a novice in electronics. Any suggestions as what pre/power amps may match well with these speakers? As one might suspect, I have a very low budget of no more than $3,500 range. Thanks in advance for anyone's advise. Andy
I've got a pair of the Martin Logan SL3's and get very good sound from the Muse 160 amp with the Muse 3 preamp. You can pick these up used for about $2000. Spend the rest of your money on the Alpha Core Goertz MI2 Veracity speaker cables.
I have a Audio Research VT-60 tube amp, have had very good luck with this combo. (New Amp 2000-2200)
Andy, Inner Sound, makers of the Eros and Isis hybrid electrostatics, also makes an amp specifically designed to drive electrostats. E-mail me if you'd like to try one, no obligation at all. Frankly I'd be interested in your assessment. I'd pay shipping. audiokinesis@home.com.