Kef vs Martin Logan

I know these are two completely different speakers, but I've fallen for both of them and I would like someone else's opinion. First I am comparing the ML SL3's to the Kef Reference Model 3's. I have a Sunfire Theater/Cinema Grand setup. Will the ESL's work well with the Amp I have? Also space/ placement is a concern. My room is medium sized (15x 12 w/ 10 ft cielings). I'm not trying to shake the building but I don't want to think I'll be wasting my money if the speakers are restricted by acoustics. Any input anyone has would be welcome.
I personally like the Martin Logan speakers. Two Month ago I was looking for speakers like you now. And Two month later I end up with a pair of Martin Logan SL3. Now my days has become long because I stay up all night listen to music. If you have any other questions or need more advice feel free to email me.
I haven't heard the Martin Logans. I have not heard the KEF Reference 3's. I have owned a pair of KEF Reference 1's. The top end was slightly laid back. The bass was rather boomy. The bass in the Reference 3's is probably tighter. The thing I loved about the KEF speakers was that the listening position, or sweet spot, was much larger than most speakers. If you are putting them in the living room and are expecting multiple listeners, I would strongly recommend KEF's. If you have a laid back system, be careful because the sound may be a bit dull. I have now gone to B&W's, but I miss the KEF's at times. I guess it comes down to what is important to you.
I too purchased the M-Ls versus Kef, having owned Kefs in a previous system. For me there is no comparison. In fact, buy the SL3s now. They are discontinued and the local United Audio (chicago) is selling new in a box for 1298 each. Make sure you buy good speaker cables too. I switched from the heaviest Monster to Nordost flatline II and difference is sound is immense.
I am running a Cinema Grand with MArtin Logan's it is a fine combo... I can't speak for the Kef's but once a stat man always a stat man... Miles
The KEF's will allow a much larger listening area (sweet spot) and will be much easier to place within a room. I have a pair of 105/3's (which are very similar to the 3's) and love them dearly .... but then you already know they sound fantastic!