Martin Logan Motion 35xt Or B&W Cdm-1SE

I Am Looking At Both Can Not Choose Need Help
I have demo’d the 35XT heavily & owned 3 different models B&W.In this price range I prefer Dynaudio or Sonus Faber,preferably driven by tubes..
Ron, I currently own the XT35s. I had a price point as well as specific sound requirements that drove my decision. I had to move away from my GMA Europas, the titanium tweeter was killing me. As I get older my ears have gotten more sensitive. The XTs are described as needing 72 hours to break in, that's the minimum. Before they had broke in they were boomy, that situation has passed. You also need to work a little bit to settle into the sound triangle between you and the speakers. I have the them about 28" from the rear wall.
 I had tested the two others mentioned, both wonderful speakers and models can be found at or near the XT price point. The Dynaudio aside because I easily could have went that way, the SF are a completely different sound from the XT. Warmer and musical vice the XT had offered a level of detail along with smoothness of the folded tweet. As free diver stated you really have to demo the models, they are different animals. In the case of the XTs and the SFs there is a 15 day or so return policy so you can test drive them. I am comparing standmounts, with the XTs I do use a sub and will be adding a second. I like monitors.
One other to consider at a slightly higher price point that exceeded my price point that I really enjoyed was the KEF R-500. It was well broken in at the retailer. Had an enjoyable sound above the others mentioned. Bottom line is that the XTs are an enjoyable speaker that has allowed me extended listening sessions esp with saxophone based music that was impossible before. I use a tubed preamp with a SS amp. Hope this helps, if you're in the DC area you are welcome to drop by for a listen. Regards, Dave

I have only heard the B&W's. If you aren't going for an ESL, then I'd consider Monitor Audio as better.

I always felt Dynaudio speakers shouted.  I'm probably by myself there too.