Martin Logan Dynamo 700 vs. REL T5

Has anyone heard both of these subs? I have the Dynamo 700 and have been very impressed. A friend of mine is planning to get one as well, but I saw that the REL T5 is available at Music Direct for $499 which is a few hundred under the ML and I've noted that REL is highly respected for subwoofer on this forum.

The Dynamo is a 300 watt (600 watt peak) 10 inch, and the REL T5 appears to be a 125 watt 8 inch.

Will it have similar punch for home theater? Specs are not the whole store, but at least I know what we have in the Martin Logan.

My friend will be using his subs to go with Focal 807v large bookshelf speakers so I was interested in the high level inputs that appear to be very seperate from the low level .1 input.

Any thoughts?
Sorry for the poorly written post, I wasn't in as much of a hurry as it might appear.

To clarify, a single sub will be paired with Focal 807v large bookshelf speakers for stereo listening and also as the .1 for home theater. The Martin Logan Dynamo 700 works amazingly well for home theater hooked up to the .1 input on my system, but the REL T5 seems like it would integrate better using high level connections for stereo listening. From the manual it also appears that the REL will allow the high level and .1 inputs to run at the same time possibly being the best overall unit for my friends needs. High level connections would allow him to use it in direct mode on his Integra 40.2 receiver rather than forcing him to use the stereo mode. I just don't want him to feel like he's missing the punch that my Dynamo 700 has.
Allow me to tag on a related but seperate question rather than starting another thread.

From my reading on the REL website, it appears that the intent of the REL products is to add to full range speakers (i.e. sub 40 Hz range). Should I have any concern about how it would work with a bookshelf speakers that are manufacture rated for 55Hz with a low frequency cutoff of 47Hz. Is the REL not the best solution for going this high?

Given a $650 range budget, what subwoofer would you recommend?
Just got reviewed in the July issue of Home Theater mag
July 2010 or the upcoming July 2011? Is the July 2011 on the shelves already?
July 2011
Thanks, I'll try to look for it if I get a chance. With a baby due any day, or minute, my chances to get out are very limited.

I did call a Magnolia Hi Fi that's close enough for my friend to stop by for a listen and confirmed that they have both subs in the showroom.

The salesman's opinion was that the REL T5 was a little bit cleaner and a better choice in a small stereo setup, but that the Dynamo 700 was unmatched in it's price range for any home theater use. When asked what else he'd have available for demo in the price range he mentioned Definitive Technology, but said that he thought the Dynamo was the best. Hopefully, my friend will have a chance this weekend to stop by and find out for himself.
I think you need atleast a 12inch sub for hometheater use, unless your room is small.
I don't consider my listening room small because it has a very high ceiling, but the 10 inch Dynamo 700 has more than enough for home theater. I have the volume on it turned most of the way down and can still make things move at the appropriate times.

When I purchased it I considered getting the larger 12 inch Dynamo 1000, but now can't imagine why I'd want or need anything more. I wasn't expecting it to have as much power as it does. It's only downside is that it needs to weigh more or be strapped to the floor. I finally converted it to the forward firing configuration because it was vibrating my laminate flooring and moving around. Putting it on spikes actually make it much worse.

If I used it for two channel listening, I'm sure there are more musical subwoofers available but I really have no complaints.