Martin Logan Dynamo 1000/ SWT-1 Wireless

Anyone ever used the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 (or 700) sub with the wireless connection via the SWT-1 adaptor. I have a pair of older Dynamo subs and like them a lot. Seems like the wireless idea would allow for optimal placement without the constraints of cabling. Great idea, but I'm curious about the execution.

I have the Dynamo 700 and originally had it connected via wireless. I thought it sounded perfect, but it interfered with my wireless printer such that I would have to completely power down the subwoofer and wireless unit to print. I'm back to using a cable, but a friend of mine is currently using the wireless adapter on his 700. I have not heard that he's having any issues.

I think the sub is a great product. A lot of punch and deep base for the size and price.
Thanks. I use my Dynamos in a music only system. However, I am considering adding a Dynamo to my HT only system, which currently includes a single Martin Logan Depthi. It's in a big room and I believe I would benefit from another sub in that room for HT purposes only. I'm curious if I could connect the SWT-1 to the "sub out" of my Depthi and run the Dynamo wirelessly? I've emailed this question to ML, but curious if anyone has thoughts on how this may work. I assume the "sub out" from the Depthi is the same signal it receives from my receiver?
The wireless unit just plugs into the subwoofer pre-out so I suspect it would pass any signal from any pre-out. I think you're golden.