My Coincident Dynamo - good news, bad news

Hi everyone,

Good news: The unit is not humming.

Bad news: The unit is completely dead.

Waiting to see what Coincident will do. Been over two months since I originally placed the order. 8 weeks of that time it's been in shipping and return shipping. A week or so in repair shop, and I've listened to it for a total of about 30 minutes. Now it's dead. Let's hope they make it right.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

Best, Scott
Time for a brand new unit and let the builder sort out your noisy and now broken one. I would ask for them to send you a new unit ASAP.

Sorry to hear about your problems. Hopefully a new unit will be on the way early this week!
Sorry this has turned out so poorly for you. Hopefully this gets resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.
I know I'll catch flac for this but I'd ask for a refund and look elsewhere. Why do we purchase pieces with poor reliability issues?
Anybody can get a lemon. I had a new lemon Cary tube amp. Israel builds some of the best gear available at any price & will take care of you, relax. I just took delivery of a new Dynamo last week & it's dead silent & sounds great out of the box. I've owned his speakers since 2005 that I bought new & they aren't leaving.
I trust Coincident will make things right. The Dynamo is a fabulous unit. Best, be patient.
I agree, any company can produce the occasional "lemon". What matters is how the problem is resolved. I've owned the Coincident SET(Frankenstein) amplifier and their Line Stage for nearly 6 years(September 2009) and not a single problem with either(just beautiful sound quality). Even amongst very good companies stuff happens sometimes. I hope they replace the faulty Dynamo.
I'm sending the bad unit back, and a new one should be on the way. I hope this one is trouble-free or I'll be demanding a refund. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am confident the replacement Dynamo will be fine and allow you to enjoy your music same as Pehare, Mikirob and Brownsfan have expressed with theirs. .
I wonder if the problem was caused by shipping. How's the packaging? Was it double boxed? Who's the shipper?

No company is perfect and I agree the most important is how they deal with the problem. Of course if it's ARC, everybody POUNCES regardless the circumstance. Guilty until proven innocent! I guess Brady now knows the price of being #1. LOL!
which Dynamo did you buy?
Good! Coincident handled it well. All should be fine.
Please keep us in the loop and let us know how the new unit performes.
Looks like you are now selling it! I assume you found an amp more to your liking? Let us know how it turned out. Thanks.
I wonder how this story ended? Does not sound like a happy ending if unit is being sold.
Ok, so here's the update…I did get a replacement unit a week ago, and it's working well.

However, the whole process took 3 months, during which time I bought a pair of Harbeth P3s that I was going to use in an office system. I found that I liked them so much that I wanted them in my main listening room. The size of the Harbeths is perfect for my smaller room, and the bass is just right. Of course, the Coincident won't drive the Harbeths (83db) very well.

In addition, the pairing of the Dynamo with the Tekton M-Lores that I had was too smooth and lacked some detail (at least compared to the Harbeth set up). So, rather than go down another rabbit hole trying more hi-efficiency speakers, I decided to sell the new unit.

I'm of the opinion that when you find a speaker that suits your room and your listening preferences as well as the Harbeths suit mine, it's time to sit back and enjoy some music.

Hope everyone is doing well,
Scott I for one really appreciate you taking the time to explain the final resolution. Often times folks will ask for advice or comments and then completely disappear when people are really interested in learning the outcome, just very rude to me at least, particularly when there is a problem with a piece of gear or vendor and names are given.

I'd be interested to what is the rest of teh system being used to run the Harbeths?

I agree with your statement about finding what suits your room best and going with that. Whenever I listen to live music as a reference and then compare to home, it always comes back to what works best in the room of concern matters most and that usually revolves mostly around the choice of speakers and where you go from there to make them sing best.
Yeah, I was getting disappointed as well. Another lesson how everyone hears differently. I like the M-Lores better than the Harbeth 7s. So didn't the reviewer Tim Smith and a bunch of others. Best!
Happy to follow up. I learn a lot on these forums, so perhaps someone can learn from my experience.

The rest of my system is currently:

Sources: Marantz SACD player and a Marantz TT (Jolida jD9 phono stage)
Preamp: Joule LA 150
SS set up: McCormack DNA-125 and Harbeth P3esr
Tube set up: Coincident Dynamo and Tekton M-Lore

The comparison of the M-Lore and the Harbeth P3 is certainly not apples-to-apples: a low efficiency $2,000 mini-monitor vs. a high efficiency $650 floor stander. I can't imagine a system/room in which they could both be used optimally. I would imagine the Harbeth C7 is the better comparator with the M-Lore.

I love the M-Lore and think it's the best bargain I've ever come across in audio. If I had a larger room that handled deeper bass better it would really shine. The P3s just fit so much better in my smaller space and have the clarity I was looking for. They just made me want to listen to music and stop thinking about tweaking my rig.

All the best,
I had the DNA in the past, paired with the Joule, should be extremely nice sounding. Happy you found your sweet spot. Enjoy. Best, Robert
I just bought a used Dynamo to go with my I MAC computer system. I just received a pair of Eminent Technology LFT-11 Planar computer speakers with their small sub which I have been looking for three years. These are not made anymore. I will be going from computer 24/192 USB to a Schiit Bifrost dac directly into the Dynamo. I think this will sound great. I already have new old stock front end tubes for it. Can anyone recommend a dac if I want to improve on the Bifrost that does not cost more than 1,000 new or used. Thx keep you posted.
Eastern Electric MiniMax, MDHT Havana or Stockholm.
I also have those speakers, haven't listened to them for quite a while, they are boxed up and in the garage somewhere. Let us know how they and your Coincident work out. Best.
Eastern Electric sounds good but I don't want a dac that used OP Amps.