Coincident Dynamo vs. Decware SE34I.4

I recently started a thread about "The Greatest Bargain in SET Amps These Days." I am looking for a single ended amplifier to use with my Reference 3A De Capo speakers.
I think I have it pretty much narrowed down to either the Coincident Dynamo 34SE or the Decware SE34I.4. Different amps, different topologies, but very, very similar in price and specifications. I am eager to hear your thoughts about this choice. My speakers, by the way, are rated at 92 dB of efficiency. My room is fairly small, about 11' x 16' with an 8 foot ceiling.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Now that you've narrowed it down to two, why didn't you ask this question on your original thread?
It's a great question because just as you say these are in the same price range. Both use the EL34 as triodes and both use according to the manufacturers high quality transformers. I know that Decware uses Jupiter wax caps but Coincident doesn't specify what they use. The Coincident also has a headphone output which is nice.

I do like the fact that Decware offers an audition period whereas Coincident does not. Unfortunately unless someone has both, anything we say about one or the other is just conjecture. I'm going to end up with one of the two, heck, maybe both just to satisfy my curiosity.
We have similar systems. I'm using Decware's Mini Torii with the De Capos and love the sound, different amps but sold on Decware.
Would probably boil down to features, size, aesthetics, etc. for me. Both are likely excellent. Maybe if I could a/b in my system I could choose the sound, but probably does not really matter as long as everything is set up (no pun intended) well.
Understandable question. The reason I started a fresh thread is because there has been so much "topic drift" on that original thread that I didn't let my question to get lost in the shuffle. (People are currently talking about their retirement plans and their favorite classical musicÂ…" ;-)
I sure do wish that you would get both and compare them here !!! Wink wink , lol .

Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you .

Happy Tunes
I understand now. That happens a lot in the forums, especially on threads that have been around for a long time.
Good luck with your choice. Being familiar with Coincident's great speakes, and believing that Israel Blume is pretty briliant, I would personally probably go with the Dynamo.
Good Luck!
Hi Rebbi,
Admittedly that thread did "drift" a bit but in fairness you got multiple responses and very informed commentary and comparisons of amplifiers as well. After a while there's just so much that can be said without inevitable redundancy setting in. I believe that you've reached the point pass written feedback and now it's time to do some listening.
Best of luck,
Okay, that's very fair. I actually just went back and re-read the entire thread and found some information that I missed the first time around. You're correct that the thread is very informative, especially the amp shootout that Brownsfan did!
I think there are 3 hesitations I'd have on the Dynamo.
First, I wonder if that volume knob nestled between the two tubes up front is a finger-toasting hazard.
Second, I am a little bummed that it has only one input... that just means that I'd have to unhook my DAC and hook up my phono preamp whenever I wanted to listen to my analogue front end. Not a deal breaker but kind of a shame.
Finally, I'm a little put off by the consensus that the amp doesn't sound its best with the stock tubes, but requires tube rolling (and additional investment) to sound its best. On the other hand, I take it that the amp's built to a certain price point and that this dictated some skimping on tube quality.
Your thoughts? And thanks for all your help I really do appreciate it.
By the way, I called Coincident today and believe I must've have spoken to Israel Blume himself. He was very cordial.
Rebbi, I have huge hands. I can, with appropriate care, manage to rotate the volume knob without toasting my fingers.

I would encourage you to think about the tube rolling in this way. The stock tube that is probably just unacceptable is the rectifier. You can get a superb new production cryo'ed 5ar4 Gold Lion for about $40. Just figure that into the price of the amp. The dynamo sounded fine with the stock rectifier, but they tend to be short lived. Mine started arcing with about 10 hours. With respect to the rest of the tubes, I don't know of any amp that sounds best with its stock tubes. That is why Charles sprung 2K for his 300Bs.

As for only having one input, if that doesn't work for you, that is probably reason to move on to another option.

With all due respect, I think you are suffering from analysis paralysis. Why not try the Decware, since it has a trial period? If you don't like it, send it back and try the dynamo. I suspect you will be happy with either, but the fundamental question with either amp is will they be better than your Manley? That requires an A/B in your system, hence the good advice from Charles. It is time for you to listen.
I responded to you about tube rolling on the other thread. Did you read Tim Smith's review, or the Enjoy the Music review? What don't you understand? There was tons of great information on that other thread even if it did drift from the topic as it neared the end. How far can you squeeze this turnip? You could have asked the questions you ask here, but you did not ask for any clarification about the volume control and so bargain? At $1,300, my money is on the Coincident as I've stated previously. Best in your pursuit...
Didn't mean to be obtuse!
I own a Decware SE34I.4 which I use with a VPI Scout 1.1, Decware DNA speakers and Quicksilver phono pre. Have nothing to compare it to except visiting other audiophile homes in my area I have visited.
For the price I believe Decware to be of outstanding value.
Also there's the lifetime warranty.
Visit them in E. Peoria IL if you can, I spent 5 hours there before I made my purchase.
Contact me if you have questions.