Martin Logan Aerius i problem

Hi -
I bought a pair of used ML Aerius i's from a seller on Audiogon and since I have brought them home, one channel consistently seems brighter/louder than the other. I have tried vacuuming both panels but with no effect.

Any suggestions out there on how I might further diagnose/solve my problem? Thanks!
I had the same problem with my ML monoliths when I first purchased them. Read the serial numbers off the panels, call Martin Logan, ask to speak with Jim Powers in service, and explain the problem. Most likely you will need to replace the panels. If you bought them from someone in a high humidity area, this can cause the panels to degrade more rapidly than in dryer climates. If the panels are reasonably new, it has been my experience that ML will stand behind them and do something for you very reasonably. When it happened to me, my panels were over 6 years old and needed to be replaced anyway. Once replaced, it's like a new speaker, particularly now that they have made some advancements in the panels themselves.
Well;the first thing you would want to eliminate would be something upstream.-- Keep everything the same and move the right speaker to the left side and the left speaker to the right. If the problem moves;it has to be the speaker.--Maybe only one pannel has been replaced? I had CLS's, and the electronics box could be changed from speaker to speaker.
I had a similar problem with the original Aerius model. Not sure about the "I" version, but the panels are easily removable and can be swapped to the other channel by knocking out the rails from the bottom and unplugging the lead wires to the panels. The panels then just velcro on/off to the speakers. Jim can help you with this. Obviously, if the problem moves when you switch the panel , than that is the problem. My panels were not the problem, I had a bad capacitor in one of the crossovers. With help from Jim Power over the phone, I disconnected the crossover and sent it in to ML for repair. This fixed the problem. Good luck.
I used to own a pair of the original Aerius.
Fully agree with Rives about rapid panel deterioration due to humidity. I live in Singapore in the tropics where humidity are in the 80~90% most of the day. I had replaced 4 panels in two years. Humidity is really that bad.
Sold them in the used market and I'm now a very happy owner of a pair of Dynaudio Audience 72 which sound better & better with more playing hours put in.
I apologize if i been a little harsh on judging ML Aerius. In balance i must say that the Aerius did sound great as long as the panels are in tiptop condition. A rare and very well designed hybrid system at that.
I guess if you don't live in high humidity regions with good customer support, the Aerius is a great speaker to own.