marsh a200s

any opinions on this amp after being out long enough to have been around.i am thinking about mating with tube pre,ae-3 in-particular.also considering c-j sonographe.any tech. issues mating either with aes pre? the marsh stuff seems to have faded from grace,so well regarded once.any input from direct,or past,user's of any of these three.thanks in advance.
I'd avoid Marsh. They're excellent amps but something is going on with the company and getting info isn't easy. That's my opinion. I like to have gear that a company is readily available if I want them. I may sell my Innersound amp as they are also a problem not answering emails. I had the A400s and it's an excellent amp if a little on the clinical side if anything.

The AES three will put out dc which bothers me. It's also very syrupy sounding. Consider a used PV 10 or an older Audio Research tube pre.
Warnerwh comments may be correct, but you can always get this amp serviced by any good shop. I own the a400s and the amp is simply world class. I paid under $1000 used and would put this amp up against any SS amp at any price. Bass is very deep, powerful and rolls along tightly.

I do not find the amp to be clinical at all. Highs are sweet and notes very transparant. I like it better then the Belles 350A monoblock amps I owned. Get this, I even prefer it to the JC-1 monoblocks I owned. If the 200 sounds like the 400, then it is a steal!

You must use the XLR input for best sound however. On the a400s the difference is not small. Amp responds very well to better XLR IC's also. In my system this amp is killer.

I can get it seviced by any local shop if needed should Marsh go out of business. I do think they are still in business however.

If you can get the 200 at the right price, then go for it. A good price would be $700 or under shipped.

Also, I can run this all all day with very loud music and the amp barely gets warm. It is dead quiet mechanically with no noise through the speakers. It has two sets of binding posts which are great for biwire or when using a powered sub for speaker level hook-up. I have not heard a better SS amp for the money than the a400s. Again, this is in my system. The only better SS amp I have heard in my system is a Mcintosh MC402 amp. This Mac amp will drop your jaw and is lots more money used however.


I had a question about an Innersound preamp. I had to make repeated phone calls/e-mails to get a question answered. I contacted the OEM, Coda, and they answered my question on the first call.

Your Innersound amp was also designed and built by Coda, They have always been responsive in the past.

Rick, thank you. I knew my Innersound amp was made by Coda and Innersound I guess is heading in a new direction. At least that is what someone said when I asked what was going on at Innersound. They said they'd wait for Innersound to make the announcement and would say nothing more. Thanks for the heads up that Coda will answer my questions.

Here's some more Innersound info, right from Roger...
Great read. That's so sad. I'm glad my amp is really a Coda or I'd sell it for sure. This kind of business is very annoying to hear about. I'd bet Leeds must be having trouble and it sounds as though he deserves it. I don't like to judge but the way that post has been written I'd be surprised if it were lies as Sanders could get sued. Something he wouldn't want being low in money. Wonder what Sanders is doing these days?
I Agree wit Warerwh the amps are decent by the after sales service and the uncertainty of the company should be enough to have you consider other options. Personally, I have witnessed the after sales service and it is one of the in the industry.