anyone know anything about marsh?

i'm looking for a new two channel setup for about $3500 or
less for a pre and amp. so far i've only read reviews and glanced at forums. confusing isn't it? marsh sound design
p2000 and a400s is on the "considering list" but there is no where to audition it. you don't hear much about it, but
the reviews are great. anyone heard this combo? is it reliable? also i'm open to suggestions on other brands of
gear to help me along the road. the rest of my system
except for the speakers & turntable, will be replaced also. i have an older pair of dahlquist dq10's which i have upgraded. more
than likely i'll also add a sub. just looking for good
sounding reliable stuff. any suggestions welcome.
Might look at McCormack amps and pre's. Local dealer drives a pair of Vandersteen 5's with a DNA225 and the setup sounds outstanding. You can find used 225's for around 1600 here on the Gon and I have read upgrades are great but, have not heard any upgraded units myself. Look into the Odyssey Stratos. Call the number and the owner answers the phone is very helpful. 30 money back if you don't like them. Haven't heard any Marsh gear, sorry. Good luck!

The Marsh stuff is not bad. You can buy their line from Audio Advisor. Their policy is basically thirty days, no questions asked returns. Can't get much better auditioniong than that.
The preamp is awesome. I demoed one from Audio Advisor. Ended up with a PS Audio PCA-2. I believe that the Marsh was a better sounding unit. The amp isn't all it's cracked up to be. I wasn't impressed. Definately recommend the pre.