Mark Levinson 383 or MCintosh 6900 for B&W 804's

Would like to know the best intergrated for the B&W 804's
I want to go to intergrated for a better 2 channel sound.
Currently I'm using an Anthem AVM 2 with a Bel Canto EVO 2. CD Player is Cal Labs CL 10. I'm using the Anthem's analog pass through for the CL 10. Room size 13x20. I would like to keep using the Anthem for HT. The ML 383 has an SSp mode where you can tie an AVP to it and use the internal amps. But I'm more interested in the best sound.

Neither. I've heard both and elected to buy the YBA Passion Integre. This is one beautiful, sweet, tubelike, best of ss, integrated, out there. Try it. Put it to your tympanics...warren
The McIntosh is fantastic. I had some very expensive well regarded separates. I sold those and bought the McIntosh and am very satisfied. Great sound, looks, controls, etc.