Mark Levinson 27 Clipping

Hoping someone out there knows if the ML27 is likely to be damaged if gets overtaxed (clips) because of a difficult speaker load,(like from an Apogee Duetta). Tried the ML serie page, (Steve in France), but couldn't get Yahoo to cooperate. The manual doesn't say anything specific about protective circuitry or fuses. Thanks for any info you can pass on.
It isn't a good idea to drive any amp into clipping. Besides potential amplifier damage, you also have the potential for speaker damage. As to the protection circuitry involved, i don't know what the ML uses or has to offer. The Apogee's are VERY tough loads though, so you definitely need some BEEFY amps if you plan on listening at anything above background levels. Sean
Yes, it's likely to be, or do, damage. Yours and any other amp. "Regualr" clipping is not a good thing, as Sean said. You, more likely, will do damage to your speakers, first. More power, more efficient speakers, or lower volumes. That'll solve your problem. Good luck out there.
Do NOT play loud. At best, you'll blow the fuses on the ML. HOWEVER, if you hit upon a very fast transient, more damage can occur -- as stated above -- to the ribbons on the Duetta (not easy to fix nowadays)... the fuse might not cut the signal off in time!
The Duettas are not as bad a load as other Apogees (i.e. they're less "bumpy") -- but I still used to send a Krell 80 into shut-down on orchestral pieces and no, the volume was not all the way up-- far from it :)! Happy holidays!
I don't know what the specs of the Apogee's are, but I ran my ML 27 with Thiel 3.6's, which are 4 ohm speakers rated at 86db and never had a problem. It played them loud and clean.
Thanks for responding (this site is #$@*&+ great). A rep from Audio Consultants in Evanston IL emailed me w/ the following,"The 27 has a soft clipping circuit and other protection circuitry, so there is no danger here". I suppose the speakers might be on thinner ice than the amp during a clipping episode. My experience w/ Scintillas and Duettas (tho' brief) seems to parallel Greg's. I've heard things start to choke even w/ some pretty testicular amps at way lower than a live performance volume.
Duane, the Duettas are a MUCH kinder load than the Scintilla... Duetta is a load; Scintilla is a short-circuit :).
Merry Xmas everyone!
Ditto: I also ran a 27 into Thiel CS 3.6's without any problems. The No. 27 has extensive protective circuitry bult in. If you have any further qustions, email Madrigal.
i have a 27.5 an i think it is safe to say that i would worry more about your speakers than the amp. when an amp clips, higher levels of distortion are generated, which can be damaging to your speakers.