Is my amp clipping?

I'm having a problem with my tweeter at moderetly loud levels (95db at listening position). Whenever there is a somewhat dynamic song -- with decent base -- the tweeter crackles and pops.

Speakers are 850 Rockets (91.5 Efficiency) from AV123 driven by Belles 350A Reference. Could the amp actually be clipping at such moderate volume levels?

If not the amp, could it be my Oppo CD player?
Damage is done, your amp may or may not have clipped at one time but I bet your teeter is in need of replacement.
Hmm...the tweeters still sound find at low volume. Has anyone heard of a CD player doing this?
No way the amp is clipping. Could be the tweeter or the amp/preamp. I assume its in one tweeter only? If so switch the speaker wires to the speakers and see if thre crackle follows, if so its the tweeter probably (or tweeter crossover).

Could be the volume pot, or any number of shorts, parts, you didn't mention if you had a preamp. Sometimes the volume pot has crud in it at higher volume settings of the rotation that causes just such a problem, just (unplug for a while) and blast it with some contact cleaner.
The noise is actually in every tweeter I tried -- even switched to a different speaker all together.

My preamp is by Van Alstine, I actually just got it as a used piece of equipment from his shop -- so it shouldn't have any crud...

So, noone's heard of Oppo CD players doing something like this?
I tend to agree with Chadnliz, sounds like your tweeter got fried. Maybe you could hook up your Oppo CD player to a friend's equipment and see if you have the same problem, then you will know it's the CD player. Personally, I have never heard of any CD player as being the culprit in these types of situations, it's usually the power amp.
Here's an easy troubleshooting step.

Plug your Oppo's L&R analog outputs directly into the Belles Amplifier. Turn the Oppo on, press the volume down button on the Oppo remote about 20 times to insure the built-in digital variable volume is set to a very low level. Turn on the Belles and play a tune. Once a CD is playing, gradually turn up the Opp's volume using the volume up button on the remote.

The Oppo has variable volume built-in, so you can bypass the pre-amp as a test. Actually, if you have a single source, you don't even need a pre-amp. Try it. If the problem goes away, its the pre-amp. If the problem still exist, try a different source or a different amplifier if you have one or can borrow one.


I remember my Levinson CD player used to make a downright horrible noise (through the speakers). If I turned it off then tried to play it without waiting about 30 minutes, sounded like all hell breaking loose.
The dealer I bought it from said: Oh yeah, this is "normal".
Thanks guys.

This weekend I'll take all the components over to a friends house and see if the noise follows.

Has anyone had any CDs that were 99% fine but had a crackle or pop in one or two places?
Not a crackle or pop but more a digital burp, churp that isnt easy for me to describe but I think you will now what it is when you hear it. Its like the old quote from the Supreme Court if I recall it went "While I dont know how to define Pornography I know it when I see it"
Does the digital burp, churp occur randomly or always on the same material?
Older Oppos do not have volume built in, so it depends on what oppo we are talking about here...
I tried the Oppo straight to the amp. Results are the same except the crackling noise is a little softer.
Do you have any other source that you can try? If you have the same issue when using another pair of speakers, and you've ruled out the pre-amp, that only leaves the source (Oppo) or the amp. If you have a tuner, receiver with pre-outs, iPod or some other unit with RCA line outs, you could try it and rule out the source and/or isolate the issue to the amp. If you try another source and don't hear the problem, you know it was the previous source (Oppo). If you still have the problem, then it would seem to be the amp.

Well, it is the amp. Called powermodules the other day and, from what I understood, the mosfets are miss-timing. Sending the amp out today.