Marantz TT-15S1 anyone with experience fitting an electronic speed box?

Hi everyone,

I am curious about getting some kind of speed controler for my Marantz TT-15S1.
Not ready to get the one made by Clearaudio, (the Marantz is of course made by Clearaudio ) and looking for a less expensive solution. Not sure I need a speed box, but as I said, just curious about what it could bring.

If someone actually owns the Marantz TT-15  and is using a speed controller, please share your experience!

Thanks !

I think that the first thing you have to know is whether your table is currently running at the correct speed.  You need to check with a KAB strobe.  If it is, I think a speed box will bring relatively little. Most listeners aren't that sensitive to relative pitch, unless it's way off.  However, people are more sensitive to wavering pitch, especially if you listen to a lot of solo piano and stuff with sustained chords.  IMO, a speed box won't help if you have off-center records or a bad belt or whatever.  It does make the motor turn at the correct speed, but it can't control the platter speed if the mechanics of the table are off.  But check your table with the strobe and see where you are before doing anything.  
Look for a used Phoenix RoadRunner unit. Best to check before however, if you can fit the speed sensor underneath the platter and your AC motor will work with it. 

The company is now defunct, but I see listings now and then.

 The Clearaudio controller isn't on the same level as a Phoenix.
It appears it simply delivers steady power to the motor. There isn't a speed monitoring circuit telling the unit to control the speed of the platter. How is that supposed to be accurate? 

If your table run a little faster or slower, a speed controller can correct it, another benefit is you don't need to move the belt/pulley for 33.3 to 45, just push a button like a DD table.
a guy from stevehoffman forum use a Project speed box with Marantz TT-15 :

But the Marantz motor is 5Watts and the Project box is rated up to 3Watts, not sure it actually work
Also, I have the Phoenix, which offers a much finer speed adjustment than the Speed Box.  it's not just an intellectual exercise - I found I could not get the speed perfect using the coarse .1 increment found on the others and needed to go to the finer adjustment to get it dead on.  
I like the Phoenix a lot, BTW.  But then again, my TT started running very fast for some reason, so I needed an outboard box of some sort. 
Chayro, I know all of this already, please read the original post thanks.
Ok - then I suggest you buy one and listen for yourself.  

I'm using a Clearaudio Emotion SE similar to the Marantz.
I have the Phoenix Falcon PS and it works very nice!!! Too bad he closed shop.
Ya just have to find one.