marantz st-17 tuner

does anyone know if this tuner was made with champagne[gold] finish?marantz says no,web sight shows gold and in specs. says gold,no black.all the ones i have seen for sale are looking for one in gold finish.any input is appreciated.
Might have been a case where different case colors were made for different markets. Besides possible electrical issues, you might tuning issues too.
I have two SM-17 amps bridged and a PM-17 integrated as a pre-amp.The front end is a SA-12-S1 SACD player. The Marantz Reference Series is very good and underrated. I have looked at many ST-17 tuners for sale but never bought. I have only seen black models on the used market.
Yes, this tuner was also made in a champagne finish. I paid a dear premium on A-gon for one to match my SA11 sacd player. It isn't a perfect match color wise with my C-J champagne pre amp, but much better than black.

I believe this finish was originally just available overseas, but mine is 110 v, so I can't really say.

Overall I like the tuner, but I would not say it is world class.

pcs,if you ever decide to sell,let me know.where did you buy yours?thanks,bill.
I have this tuner in a second system and it is quite attractive in the champagne gold and I thought that black was rare!

The gyro ring tuning and small remote are nice features on this model.

Manual is dated 97/09 and I purchased new in Ohio, USA.