Marantz PM8004 with TT-15S1 Record player

I recently bought this integrated amplifier. For the price it is awesome! Very nice sounding unit and the build quality is robust and solid. For the money, $1000, the value for money quotient is off the charts. Made in Japan too! Nice to have a remote, bass, treble, and mid level controls, and built in MM phono stage. I have owned about 25 integrated amps over the years and this goes into my top 5 regardless of price or solid state vs. tubes. For me it's better than the Rega Brio- R or Arcam A70 I replaced it with. It may not win every category as far as best detail, best bass ect. but it more musical and enjoyable to listen to than most.
Question: Anyone have any thoughts if the Marantz TT-15S1 record player is too good for the PM8004? I want to buy one but I will use the internal phono stage in the amp with it. i don't want to waste money on a good player if I won't notice the difference because of the limitation of the phono stage. Also, anyone here compare this integrated amp to the PM15S2 before? Wondering how much better it would be. Thanks in advance.
I bought the TT-15si 3-4 months ago and am well pleased. It works easily in my Mc stack and plays well with others. This TT is not a snob, quite easy to setup and sounds good with very little tinkering, but is good enough to be future proof should you start changing gear. This table has Mojo and should compliment your Marantz.
Just purchased the PM8004 and would more than agree, this is an awesome unit for the price. Very pleased with it even compared to my McIntosh MA6600 and my tube integrated.

Cannot comment on the Marantz turntable, but I would certainly consider it and other Marantz products based on my newest addition.

Happy listening with yours.