Marantz PM8004

Thinking of maybe buying a Marantz PM8004, but since they are being replaced by the PM8005, can't seem to find very many out there on the web. I see some at Five Star Buy for appx. $800, but I'm leery of the site since I can't find out anything about it, unless some of you have some positive feedback about them. Anyone know of any deals out there from a reliable dealer?
Audio Advisor has it for $999. Once the 8005 is readily available, that price could well drop assuming AA continues to have 8004 stock.

Here's the "Authorized Online Dealers" for Marantz.

Looks like Five Star Buy is not one, so a purchase from them would not have a manufacturers warranty.
I saw on another thread that someone is going to offer up a used one on AG in the next day or so. Keep eye out if willing to buy used..