$500 (or less) CD players to mate w/ Marantz PM8004 & Vandersteen 2C

Was thinking of selling my Adcom GCD-575 and upgrading to something more "current." The 575 sound good, but I'm curious to know if there is anything out there for $500 (or less) that would mate better with my other gear. One player I'm particularly curious about is the Marantz SA8004, which would match the PM8004 integrated. Anyone use both of these units together? Other brands include NAD, Rega, Rotel, etc... 
Sell the PM8004 amplifier and replace it with a used Creek 4330SE (keep everything else).

i'd keep your cd player, which is old school but should do fine as a transport, and add a dac--something like a mf v-dac or cambridge dacmagic would be a noticeable uprgrade

Do you know anyone selling a 4330SE?  I used to have one and regret selling it to this day. 
Yes, some weirdo posted one for sale on audiomart a while back (maybe it’s still available;-).

Dekay, jsbach, what would the creek offer over the marantz pm8?
an older Oppo might fit

a newer player will have a newer DAC, and they are improving more rapidly over time than other components

the post re keeping it as a transport and adding an outboard DAC is an appealing idea...

or... rip your CDs onto a computer like a mac mini
I have the SA-8004 paired with a PM-8005.  Playing thru Focal 836V speakers which are pretty efficient (other than a dip at 100hz). Amazing combination for the money.  I upgraded to the PM-11s3 and SA-11s3, but kept the others for a second system.