I find it interesting that some manufacturers and retailers in the audio industry consistently make themselves available to their customers while others completely ignore them. I scratch my head after going to a small volume speaker manufacturer's web site (Brooklyn NY based), send a note through the email provided on the site and ask "I'm interested in a pair of your xxx speakers (retail is $9k) and have a few questions about them, my room and electronics. Can you let me know when we might get on a call pls? "

And get no response - so far for three days. 

I call the number- leave a message. 

No call back so far.

I see the owner posting on Facebook regularly and a year ago I'd sent him a similar note, trying to get on a call with him.

No response. Then I posted in the comments area on his posts- Hi XXX, pls check your messages here, I'm trying to get in touch to ask a few questions about a pair of your speakers. A week later I get a "sorry, I don't check messages much here" response. Not a "Hey, sorry I missed this, pls call me to discuss and happy to help"- just a note that offers no interest.

In the year that I've tried to reach him I've bought Harbeth 30.2's, a pair of Proac, an Odyssey amp, a JL audio e110, a pair of SVS subs, a Denon HT amp and more (different systems around the house). I'm actively growing my systems.

Is his boutique business really that good that he can't be bothered to respond to a potential customer?

Meanwhile, the founder of a much larger Colorado based electronics company posts daily, has blogs, videos and much more always responds to a comment or question on a product - his or something else- without fail and is engaged and interested. 

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Sure, not unreasonable. However, it defies logic (to me at least) that someone who's name IS the brand can't be bothered to respond to a customer- he must read the email, shrug his shoulders and choose to do nothing. Weird and not very customer oriented. If answering or engaging with a customer is beneath him you'd think that at minimum he might direct the person to a local dealer in hopes of the dealer engaging the customer and selling his speakers.
Wow thats so sad!!
Being a disgruntled consumer the best recourse is to vote with your wallet...which you have! Time waits for no one... You made a fine choice! 
That lovable guy in CO. probably has 100 people to help him run the place. The guy in NY may do everything himself. I'm retired and can just barely feed myself and keep my place decent (cut the grass, leaf raking, dusting, vacuuming, etc.. Right now, I'm trying to install crown molding. Like Ringo said: "you know it don't come easy...".
I hear what you're saying but only somewhat can agree. I'm self employed. Out of everything a self employed person has to handle I'll offer that writing new business is the top priority. I can't fathom ignoring a request to discuss my services from a prospective client; it'd be ludicrous. Business is never THAT good that I look at my inbox and ignore emails from clients. Maybe its just me though...and ...that lovable guy in CO sure does work hard at growing his business, with the help of others or not he's the one doing the daily posting, the videos, the face of the company. Can't deny he's not engaged with his customers.