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Dirac vs dspeaker room correction
The DSPeaker Dual core will actually do full frequency range correction; there's an option for it. It will also do a full sweep of your room and display the results. It also has a very powerful parametric EQ you can use to tweak your system.  
Kef LS50 Wireless Firmware update
does anyone know how to correctly do the firmware update-? the instructions on KEFs site are wrong and don't work. They say to turn off the speaker, then hold the + button (which you can't see once it's turned off) then touch the power button once... 
What are the weak points of Pass amps and pre-amps ?
Was the initial post designed to just generate a platform on which to try to dig up criticism of Pass product?The product is consistently reviewed as being some of the best our there - up against any other product.  
Revel F208 Review by Earl
Holy crap, the longest wordiest review I've ever read. So, they're a little lean, detailed and sensitive to the type of electronics used? Did I get the gist of it ? lol 
A brief review of 15 high-end speakers on home demo including B&W, Boenicke, Magico,Wilson
All of your local dealers must love you for trying so many speakers out ...lol 
DSPeaker 2.0 Room Correction question re best signal path
Hi, not much of a problem but guessing it can tighten up. I'm using Pass XP 10 into Pass x250.8 and a PS Audio Directstream junior. Speakers are Focal 1028 BE. The room is 13 x22 and the system sounds great. I want to be careful when putting the D... 
DSPeaker Anti-mode 8033 ii works wonders with my new sub
Should I run the optical out of my blusound into the DSPeaker and then the optical out of the DSPeaker into my Ps Audio Directream DAC and then into my pre amp for the cleanest signal path?  
Integrated amp + dac for Focal
I have Pass x250.8 and xp10 with Bluesound Node as my source running into Focal 1028BE 's in a dedicated purpose built sound room, 13 x20 on a concrete slab, insulated walls and some sound treatment. The system sounds great, Pass is class A to abo... 
Equi=Core 1800
Did you actually receive your unit from Mark? Many people including myself have ordered units and never received them. 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
My initial point was really related to the numbers of flaky buyers and then lowballing and or ones who negotiate down the price and despite seeing several photos and having a very clear and fair description of the item then nit pick and threaten t... 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
just looked at Audioasylum for the first time based on the question above- ouch- what a convoluted site! Looks like something from 2000 or so- 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
yeah, no worries - I never give it away, I'm never a desparate seller and- in my exp its the very people who grind you, nag you, complain and are looking to steal something at a ridiculous price that are the worst to deal with- you can never sell ... 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
I'm not so sure it favors buyers but that buyers are increasingly demanding and used to getting their way, same thing happened on ebay and to some extent ebay encouraged this behavior. I found it odd that as a seller with 150 sales and 100% satisf... 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
I take the product back immediately and refund rather than give concessions. I can either keep it or sell it again at my leisure, I'm never selling because I need the money so there's no pressure, just don't like dealing with the new car buyer men... 
too bad Audiogon seems to have morphed to fussy, picky buyers
I'd rather trade the product in at a fair price with a reputable dealer who I'll establish a long term relationship with....