Male audiophile seeking Female audiophil

In the past 10 years I've experienced the fact that none of the women I have been involved with have shared the same interest and enthusiasm that I have for Hi-end quility stereo equipment. Because of my passion and my lady friends inability to relate it seems that I always turn into this stereo geek and occasional bore. I also feel cheated never being able to take any of the women I know to consumer conventions or visit various sound shoppes locally or when I,m out of town with them without them standing around impatiantly. For this reason I ask the question "are there any forums or chat rooms,etc. out there for audiophiles to meet"? If anyone know's anything please share it?

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Wilford - I was blown away the other night by my wife, who has questioned me on "what's that silver thing (DAC) gonna do" and "I can't believe speaker cables cost that much" and "where did the rent money go(?)". She was doing some mending, sitting in my sweet spot chair, while I had a jazz CD playing. Suddenly, she turned to me and said, "wow, your stereo really does sound great" and returned to her sewing. I was knocked over, suddenly my passion was understood, and I even put on Gloria Esteban for her to enjoy. Maybe an audiophile by most standards she ain't, but in my eyes she is. Kinda hope she gets the hots for a pair of Wilson Puppys...