Male audiophile seeking Female audiophil

In the past 10 years I've experienced the fact that none of the women I have been involved with have shared the same interest and enthusiasm that I have for Hi-end quility stereo equipment. Because of my passion and my lady friends inability to relate it seems that I always turn into this stereo geek and occasional bore. I also feel cheated never being able to take any of the women I know to consumer conventions or visit various sound shoppes locally or when I,m out of town with them without them standing around impatiantly. For this reason I ask the question "are there any forums or chat rooms,etc. out there for audiophiles to meet"? If anyone know's anything please share it?
Wilford...have you thought about dating men?? Perhaps your "problem" is that you seek characteristics in your partners that are more commonly found in men. (I know a very few female high-enders...and two of them are lesbians) There are two things that I LOVE to do WITHOUT my and hi-fi. I pray to God that she does not take interest in either of these pasttimes or I will have to sell my Levinson and my Taylor Mades!
love my world famous Bose satellite set-up! Where can we meet so I can educate you on the Bose-way!
WOW, ZenLady, I'm very impressed with your "equipment," and I'd like to learn more about it--do you have any pics?
Old joke: My wife wants to take up golf and I'm panicking. She'll discover it doesn't take 11 hours to play a round.
"...will have sex for stereo..." Not me, but I picture a more desperate version of the original poster with the above sign. I feel for you, brother. Maybe you should hang out at hi-fi shops more. I _have_ seen women there. Or maybe go to the conventions alone.
Hey Wilford, me too. NOT!!! Reasons above already cited for the most part. I like to chill and listen to my music with my eyes closed and be alone. The chicks I end up with generally prefer dancing to my music, but that's fine my me. That leads to pleasant things!! ;) Go to socialnet at, sign up, and look around. You might luck out. I know my ex-wife did well on that site.
Wilford, the answer is, do youself a favor and keep it separate, im sure there are females on, or saying why cant i find a guy who likes to get a manicure and pedicure with me and then kill 8hrs shopping for shoes. my ol lady just loves to talk and turn on the tv while im listening, or blowdry her hair whenever im doing an a/b test on some new cables.
Now this has got to be one of the most interesting threads I have read. I would welcome all audiophiles, male or female in NC, that would like to chat or get together to tallk about Audio. Maybe we can start a web page or something. I have had two wives & lots of audio equipment, Audio is much more cost effective, & much easier to upgrade! LOL Good Luck Guys!
Wilford - I was blown away the other night by my wife, who has questioned me on "what's that silver thing (DAC) gonna do" and "I can't believe speaker cables cost that much" and "where did the rent money go(?)". She was doing some mending, sitting in my sweet spot chair, while I had a jazz CD playing. Suddenly, she turned to me and said, "wow, your stereo really does sound great" and returned to her sewing. I was knocked over, suddenly my passion was understood, and I even put on Gloria Esteban for her to enjoy. Maybe an audiophile by most standards she ain't, but in my eyes she is. Kinda hope she gets the hots for a pair of Wilson Puppys...
well, 6 months of searching for a gnu preamp are over - after 4 different preamps, much interaction w/the ups guy (not yet over - in fact - gotta ship out the cary next week!), my recently-purchased melos preamp, back from las-vegas for a tune-up, was finally put back in the system this week. and, yesterday's several hours of work installing the origin-live power-supply upgrade for my oracle 'table was finally complete, & this a.m., my wife went in, cued up talking heads & preceeded blast us outta the house! she sure can bitch when i'm doin' this stuff, parts everywhere, never knowin' what preamp will be in the system one day to the next, etc. but, when i'm (temporarily!) done, boy does she ever *like* it! she hate all the matching/updating stuff that goes on w/this hobby, but the proof's in the tasting, and boy, she's happy when it tastes good! ;~) doug
Again: If a man speaks in the forest and no woman hears him, is he still wrong?
Wilford Instead of trying to get your lady friend interested in the gear (which is a very hard sell) why don't you take her to a live concert and maybe she won't look at you as such a geek. A romatic dinner and a great concert, preferably to her tastes, may bring her around. Always remember if you want to get a woman interested in what you like, it is a good idea to find out what she likes. Leave the stereo business for when you get her back to the house and she is more in the mood and receptive. Guaranteed it will work 4 out of 5 times. If that doesn't work, better move on.
I concur with Tubegroover. And it's not absolutely essential to find a woman who is also an audiophile. Most male audiphiles have NOT been able to do this, and yet they are still happy and undeterred, most of the time. Even if there are two 'philes in a household, it is almost a foregone that there will be TWO "reference systems", so it might wind up costing you both a lot more (to put two systems under one roof). The appreciation/love of music is what's most important, because "it's about the music, afterall". It's when a wife has little appreciation for music, that things get dicey...from what all I've heard.
I agree with Tubegroover. Try reading a book about the act of negotiation. Tubegroovers' ideas seem to fit the ideal negotiation. (Both parties win).
I recommend "You can negotiate anything" by Herb Cohen. The methods helped with many issues, personal and professional. Though I did take a 1 week course on negotiation, and that was simply awesome! There's an art and science to the whole thing, requiring a great deal of practice.
There is an "Elizabeth" screen name on audiogon. Tell us more.
I heard a bit on NPR today about the results of a new study of men and women, and the extent to which part or all of the brain is involved in listening. Apparently MRI's showed that only the left half of a man's brain is actively involved when listening, whereas a woman's entire brain is involved. The study was quoted in support of women's contention that men only partially listen. I say there is a second and equally plausible conclusion: that men can do with half a brain what it takes an entire woman's brain to do!!
hey, sdcampbell, your conclusion mite be correct, if both halves of the brain functioned equally. however, as most of us know, the left half is the part of the brain that deals w/logic, the right half is the part dealing w/intuition & feelings. doug