Magnus MA-300 vs. Innersound DPR-500

Anybody has experience with these two amps ? How do they compare in driving low impedance load, musicality, transparency, sound stageimaging, etc ? DPR-500 retails for $14000 and MA-300 retails for $12000. Both have similar power output 300 W/ch (8 ohm) and 600 W/ch (4 ohm). On the paper the DPR-500 is stable upto 1 ohm load. The MA-300 does not specify anything below 4 ohm.

The question is which one is more organic, musical, transparent and can drive low impedence load and has high current capability ? I have not decided on the preamp yet. I will select a suitable tube preamp. My speaker has nominal impedence of 4 ohm but dips down to 2.8 ohm.
Your all input are most welcome.
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It would be helpful to know exactly what speakers you are driving. Also how big of a room they are in.

I own the DPR-500 but have not heard the Magnus. The DRP-500 should drive most speakers out there pretty well. The Magnus has less power on paper but weights 3 times as much. I'm guessing it's no slouch.

I like my amp allot and find it transparent. I do prefer to drive it with a tube pre in my system.

Innersound is out of business but the Sanders Sound Magtech amp is pretty much the same amp except the Magtech has a regulated power supply. It is also cheaper at only $5k new.
Hi Sarcher30, Thanks for the response. My room size is 25' x 16' x 10' and speakers are YG Acoustics Anat Reference II Pro. My main goal is to select an amp which will give higher quality power and will have sufficient reserve power to drive the speakers at ease even if I listen at low volume most of the time and briefly at high volume.

Which speakers do you drive with the DPR-500 and which tube preamp you use ? I also like to use a tube pre in the chain. Have you made any comparison of DPR-500 with the Sanders Sound Magtech or any other big boys before choosing the DPR-500 or after ? What was the deciding factor in choosing the DPR-500 over the others ? It seems the Magtech amp and DPR-500 all are made by same OEM manufacturer. You mentioned the Magtech amp has a regulated power supply. Does the regulated power supply make big difference in sound quality ? Should it make the Magtech amp superior to the DPR-500 ? I have heard many good things about the Magtech amp.

I see very different specs of DPR-500 at different places. It seems there were two versions of this amp. The first versions had 500 watts/ch (8 Ohm) and was optimized to drive electro stats. But the later versions have power rating of 330 Watts/Ch (8 ohm) and stable down to 2 ohm. Are you aware of this story ? The latest version of DPR-500 has similar power rating as that of Magnus MA-300 but is difficult to tell which has better quality power.
Any further thoughts will be very much appreciated.
I am driving e-stat Innersound Kaya's with it. 500 wpc. See my system link below.

My previous SS amp was a Parasound Halo A21. Good for the money but could not drive my stats as well as the DRP-500. The A21 would clip on some sharp transients on the Kaya's. The DRP-500 is also much more revealing than the A21. I tried a couple of tube amps but neither had enough juice for my speakers and I did not want to deal with the heat of the bigger ones.

The regulated power supply in the Magtech is supposed to be better for magnetic drivers like in your speakers. I have not heard the Magtech yet. I think you can get a trial of the Magtech. If you call Sanders Sound you can chat with Roger Sanders about it and the differences between the Magtech and DPR-500. You could also call Magnus Audio and ask them if their amp can drive your speakers.

You have a nice sized room. I looked up your speakers and it looks like you just need to drive the midrange and tweeters with this amp. The bass drivers have their own amp. At 89 dbs sensitivity at 4 ohm I think your in the right power range for your room.
Someone chose LSA Statement integrated amp over the mighty Sanders Sound Magtech amp. LSA Statement with John Tucker upgrades ($12K) is twice costlier than Magtech amp ($5.5K) though. I am not just looking into sheer power like Magtech amp provides but also the musicality and imaging (3-dimensional), etc.

Wondering how the Magnus MA-300 would compare with the LSA statement amp. Anyone chime in please.

I would guess that you've seen this?
Timlub, thanks for the link. Yes, I have seen that. I have seen Soulution 710 amp also on the Bay. Is it a bad amp ? Most audiophile regard this amp very highly. I will be glad to know the strengths/weaknesses of amps from real users. -:)
Just because someone else preferred the LSA does not mean you will. The only way your gonna know is if you try out a few amps and decide for yourself. In reality you could pick any high quality amp of the right power and get good sound as long as the other eq in your system matches up well together. It will take some time and effort to find components that give you the sound you want. There is no one right answer.