Magnus MA-200

I recently stumbled upon this amp and finding real world review information slim to none. I found a review on its bigger brother (MA-260) and realize both of these amps are discontinued. Any insights, information, experiences etc woul dbe appreciated!
I have the Magnus MA-300, and it is an outstanding amp that replaced a Burmester 911 MK3 and a Hegel H4SE. I am upgrading my cap board to the new MA-500 board. Canary/ Magnus Audio does not advertise, hence very few reviews. However, there will be a very good review from Dagogo very soon. I can't recommend Magnus more highly. I am a customer not a dealer.
I just bought one (Magnus Audio MA-200).  Talk about flying under the radar!  If I didn’t know better, I would think that I was listening to my pricey triode tube monoblocks. It doesn’t have the soundstage depth, but it has everything else.   I have no idea why Canary/Magnus Audio discontinued this model. It sure sounds great in my system.  Bought it from JM Sound.  Very satisfied customer.
steakster, what's the rest of your system? how hot does this puppy run?
have any problems using spades on the binding posts?
It’s Class A for all 100w/channel. Runs hot. Higher electricity bills. The binding posts are at least 3 way. I use bare wire. My system includes a Response Audio BellaMax tube preamp and Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers.  The newer model MA-260 runs Class A for the first 45w/channel.  Much less heat.   Sounds different.
i would be using it with a dehavilland ultraverve 3 preamp and usher dancer mini 2 dmd speakers.
Nice system.    All I can say is that the amp sounds great in mine.  I put it on an isolation platform with a beefy power cord.  YMMV
i decided to go with an ayre v 6xe power amp.