JPS Aluminata v Stage III Concepts Magnus Prime

Can anyone tell me about your experiences positive or negative using JPS Labs Aluminata Interconnect and/or the Stage III Concepts Magnus Prime Interconnect?
Would be using with the following equipment:
Plinius SA Reference amp
Allnic 3000-L Preamp
Music Culture MC 501A CDP
My thanks in advance
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The JPS Aluminata stuff (interconnects, speaker, digital link) tops everything else I've tried in my system, even Synergistic Research, Transparent, Nordost.

I haven't tried the other, but JPS brings a very full bass harmonic with lots of slam but no overhang, no loss of detail, excellent midrange without typical glare. Imaging and sound staging exemplary.

Their lower priced JPS Digital-X AC cable is very effective in that application.

Superconductor 3 line of interconnects is very close and has the same basic signature at a lower price.

I've also got the Allnic 3000 and have found some tweaks it likes: Bybee and Synergistic AC filtering (big time), Harmonic Resolution plates (between the siderails and transformer), and Symposium Roller Blocks Jr.

Dave R
Timely. I just put in Aluminata ICs. JPS has once again transformed my system. I echo what Dave R said above about the characteristics; all the pluses and nothing to say for a downside. I simply cannot say enough about the Aluminatas.

I'll also confirm his response to the other offerings from JPS. The Superconductor 3s are terrific at he price point, though not quite as revealing. The Aluminata stuff "opens up" the music--allows the detail through, and surely helps prevent signal degradation--more than anything I've experienced. Incredible is the only word.
The JPS Aluminata are among the kings of cables. I installed a pair between pre and power amp about 3 years ago, transformed system, and have not moved them since. And among other IC's in my system are Valhalla's, Stealth Indras and High Fidelity CT-1E's, so I have not been comparing slouches in cableland. The JPS are not spectacular -- just subtly outstanding in every characteristic. Beautifully made, too.

So what does the Aluminatas retail for 1-meter balanced?
The Aluminata retail for over $3000 1/M but the come up used on Audiogon occasionally.
Hi,apprently the aluminator powercables are not too shabby either
Stage III concepts make outstanding power cords, not interconnects.