magnepans with a sub???

Has anybody tried using maggies with a good sub via a crossover? I used to own some maggies. Loved the sound, but I couldn't drive them to any realistic SPL. I added a sub, and got the bass, but still couldn't get them to a satisfying SPL. I thought if I could could cross them with a good quality sub via a good quality crossover, I may be able to drive them to more realistic levels. Anybody got any thoughts or suggestions?
In advance, thanks!!!
I have had good experience auditioning ML CLX electrostatics with their own ML Descent sub...which has presets automatically setup for melding with the CLX.

i have heard Apogee Stages blend well with top Velodyne.

i personally have owned Velodyne for 15+ years...currently DD-18. Give it a shot if you can. Bear in mind, Maggies require a LOT of power...and i am not sure if you are missing low, low end bass...or visceral mid to upper bass impact. If the latter, while you can get it from a sub...i think that you may be crossing the sub over too high then...which would mess with the fine blend of the Maggies. Instead, if you go for superb amp with enormous current reserves, you may find it adds dramatic punch.

what are you using as an amp?
Hi...i checked and see you have an ARC VT100...i cannot speak to this amp, except that i have heard the newer 100amps that may not be enough. I am thinking enormous Class A Solid State...Vitus, Gryphon, older Krell...these are amps which are generally quite sweet relative to other ss amps...but have a grip on bass and a power that is extraordinary. something to consider, as i do not know which area within the bass region you find lacking.
If you are looking for SPL and didnt get it, thats was do to a poor amp match. I have had MMG, MGiiia and MG3.6 all of them I could get peaks over 100db. I used Oddysey amps then upgraded to PASS

Now if your talking you want to hear under 30HZ then the sub is needed. One has nothing to do with the other
ARC LS25 pre------>
NHT X-2 active x-over (low-cut filters the main signal)
High pass from X2---->ARC VT130SE---->MMGs
Low pass from X2---->Velodyne SMS-1--->2 x Rythmik 12" subs
(SMS performs digital room correction + high cuts bass signal)

NHT X2 =$300
Velo SMS-1 =$400
MMG = $600 (when I bought 'em)
Rythnik subs 2x$800 = $1600

Total budget = $2900 for full range, room corrected bass with planar response from 75hz on up. Some won't like the idea of the NHT X2 in the main path, but it's really benign (to my ear, anyway). The SMS-1 (or, I'd guess, the SVS Audyssey unit) are almost mandatory IMHO for best results. They smooth the bass response of the subs and allow you to fine tune the "hand-off" so that it's seamless.

This is probably the best bang for the buck full-range system that I've ever heard. I also use Ohm 100s in lieu of the MMGs because the I like the omni dispersion, but that's personal taste and another $1K on the price tag.

Good Luck.


BTW - I cross at 75 hz because that's where my passive treatments (bass busters) cease to be effective. YMMV on that one. However, my MMGs operated full range (no subs) started to roll off in the high 50hz range and dropped off very sharply at just under 50hz (per the readout from the SMS-1 real time analyzer). Again, in your room, MMV, but don't count on anything approaching 30hz.

As to max SPLs, I've got more than I need with this set-up. However, I've never tried to see where the MMG maxes out on its own, so I can't speak to that one.
Hi Louisl, I have a VT100 MkIII with magnepan 3.7s. There is simply not enough power. While the VT100 sounds very good with the 3.7s when you want crank it up there is just not enough power. I have since update amplifiers to a Krell 302. This combination sings. With Magnepans you need 300 to 600 watts minimum....
Try the Gilmore Raptor monoblocks they will give you great punch with your 3.7. Good luck and keep us posted.

Read Etbaby's email...that for me is the 5th time i have heard or read about Krells and Maggies. def worth exploring for you. if you want to add tube pre, that should be fine...season to taste.
I use a custom multidriver 3 channel subwoofer system with my MG 1.6. Unlike stock subwoofers mine can easily go up to 400 Hz or so.

After years of subwoofer experience I have concluded that the ideal crossover frequency depends on the type of music. My crossover enables easy selection of any frequency and I use from 40 to 350 Hz, and my subwoofers accomodate this.

If you want realistic high SPL (Rock concert, Brass Band, Pipe Organ. etc.) you won't get it from MG1.6 crossed over at 50 Hz or so. At moderate SPL you will get lower bass, and you might prevent the diaphram from bottoming out. which is a good thing.
With magnepans, more power is a must. Try the 14bsst or the 7bst. The 4bsst is barely enough power. With an external xover, i like the xm26, use a 4bsst on the mid_treble and the 14bsst on the bass. Now, they will stand up and bark.
I have 3.6's powered by a Classe CA300. Once in a while I do get in the mood for a crank up session and while it does get up kind of loud, every now and then I'll hear the diaphragm slap/bottom out and I immediately turn the volume down.

I guess I need more power but what I normally do now is hook up my NHT 3.3s when I want to rock.

I was even thinking of getting cerwin vega PA speakers along with their amps for a crazy loud system for when I'm in the mood to really get nuts.