Magnepan SMGa - what are they worth, best places to sell?

I inherited a pair of 1986 SMGa in good working order. As I am content with my 1974 Advent smalls, I inclined to sell these. Seems eBay has them from $400-1400 per pair. Locally on Craigslist, they are priced lower.

Do they have a strong following. Can you guys give me any suggestions?
If you clear 400 bucks consider yourself lucky! Craigslist would be your best place to sell them!
The glue that secures the, "voicecoil" wiring to the diaphragms, on the early Maggies, often fails(age/sunlight). Be certain to test them, before selling. You may avoid an unhappy customer.  Around $400 sounds correct.   I gave mine to a friend, after we reglued them.
thx, rodman ... they are running fine now but was tipped off to that potential problem by the Svc Mgr at Magnepan this AM
Generally speaking, unless the damage is severe, they only rattle at certain freqs and power levels(iow: once in a while).  Best way to test, is very slowly, with a sweep generator, at a decent amplitude.  Of course, the original owner(s), may have kept them out of the sun, in a controlled environment and they're fine.   Here's hoping!