Magnepan mmg vs .7 . Real world experience opinions requested

I've got a pair of older MMG's which are fine condition. I'm considering selling them and replacing with  Magnepan .7's.  Does anyone care to share his/her perspective?

Thanks very much.
Thanks very much for the link, sir.  I did read that review some time ago but had forgotten the section in which Ms. Mullins made the comparison.

It's time for me to go audition a pair of .7s    :)
Old thread, I realize. However, I now have a pair of .7’s and they are the better speaker. Having said that, I could happily live with my old MMGs, giving up some bass response and detail, soundstage width and height.
One more observation: both speakers get along very well with  my mono tube amps.

"Thanks for update. How do they sound at low volume?"
My tube amps underwent a major upgrade recently, one of the goals was to enhance low volume speaker performance, among other things.

The .7's sound pretty darn amazing at low volume now.  And I mean LOW.  At moderate volume, the improvement over the "old amps"  (which were excellent)  is extraordinary.  The most apt single word for the sound I'm hearing now is "effortless."  

I've got a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's which I'll hook up in a week or so.  

The amps are MFA M120's which I've had for many years and which have undergone one moderate, and now a major upgrade. Also, FYI, my preamp is a highly-upgraded MFA Luminescence.
I added a pair of Magnepan DWM bass panels.  I run the panels and mains off the amps, meaning I don't use the "high out" on the panels.

The bass panels are placed about a foot in front of the .7's and against the side walls.  Works great for me. Sound is much fuller and the DWM's blend seamlessly.
what do you consider low ? db and recording perhaps even the weighting 

glad you are happy

brother in law moving in same direction as you.....

If you’re not married to the idea of Magnepans, look into the Eminent Technology LFT-8b. It too is a planar-magnetic, but while the smaller Maggies are single-ended (magnets on only one side of the Mylar), the ET’s are push-pull, which affords lower distortion (as low as an ESL). Maggie driver voice coils are wires glued onto the Mylar, ET’s m-p midrange driver (which covers 180Hz to 10kHz, with no x/o!) has a layer of vapor-deposited conductive film sprayed on it’s Mylar, resulting in much lower moving mass. The ET has a ribbon tweeter, and an 8" sealed dynamic woofer. The LFT-8b plays considerably louder than the smaller Maggies, and on less power. The ET likes a tube power amp (it is an 8 ohm load, 100w/ch is enough), the Maggies solid state power (a 4 ohm load needing as much power as you can afford).

The LFT-8b retails for $2499 (an absurd bargain, which may be why it is not taken more seriously), but can occasionally be had for $1500 used. So there is no misunderstanding, I love Maggies, buying my first pair in 1972. I now own a pair of the Tympani-IVa’s, and just heard the world premiere demo of the new 30.7, the updated, contemporary incarnation of the T-IVa. If there is an Eminent Technology dealer within driving distance of you, do yourself a huge favor and give a listen to the LFT-8b, the speaker VPI’s Harry Weisfeld says has the best midrange he has ever heard, regardless of price.

Magnepans sound spectacular with 833-A SET and Hammond 1642SE output transformers. The 833-A sounds best at 1000 plate volts and zero grid bias, but the cathodes draw 10 amps at 10 Volts and have to be pure DC meaning the final filter capacitors for the filament heaters have to be 4.5 Farads or you have to use car batteries with 0.26 Ohm dropping resistor. You can't buy such tube amplifiers, you have to build them yourself or get someone else who had done it at least guide you in building it.
ancient thread. just picked up my second pair of mmgs. bought the first pr. from mag., and took the upgrade offer to 1.7s. added myestands, and used the 1.7 happily for a number of years. finally resolved that my room is just a bit small, (14x19’), so i moved them on. ff to now, the mmgs sound better to me! rogue cronus magnum 2. first setup had a strong room resonance, moved’em back to 34” from the rear wall, much better. i’m putting together some diy stands. the fact that i have grown to prefer about 85 db max loudness puts these in a sweet spot. they really allow me to concentrate on the music. there’s a pair of thiel 3.6s in the basement system if i need a slam fix. my bottom line is that the mmg is good enough. and that is really really good.