Magnepan mmg vs .7 . Real world experience opinions requested

I've got a pair of older MMG's which are fine condition. I'm considering selling them and replacing with  Magnepan .7's.  Does anyone care to share his/her perspective?

Thanks very much.

Thanks very much for the link, sir.  I did read that review some time ago but had forgotten the section in which Ms. Mullins made the comparison.

It's time for me to go audition a pair of .7s    :)
Old thread, I realize. However, I now have a pair of .7’s and they are the better speaker. Having said that, I could happily live with my old MMGs, giving up some bass response and detail, soundstage width and height.
One more observation: both speakers get along very well with  my mono tube amps.

Thanks for update. How do they sound at low volume? 
"Thanks for update. How do they sound at low volume?"
My tube amps underwent a major upgrade recently, one of the goals was to enhance low volume speaker performance, among other things.

The .7's sound pretty darn amazing at low volume now.  And I mean LOW.  At moderate volume, the improvement over the "old amps"  (which were excellent)  is extraordinary.  The most apt single word for the sound I'm hearing now is "effortless."  

I've got a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's which I'll hook up in a week or so.  

The amps are MFA M120's which I've had for many years and which have undergone one moderate, and now a major upgrade. Also, FYI, my preamp is a highly-upgraded MFA Luminescence.