Magnepan & Manley

Anyone run their Maggies with tube gear? How about Manley Labs amps, like the Snapper or the 250? Or is this just underpowering them entirely?

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I have had some form of Magnepans in my home for over thirty years. I have run them with everything from 500 watts to 60 watts. I have had CJ, Bat, Cary{both tube and soldi-stae}, Mark Levinson, etc., etc. I play mainly classical music, jazz, and broadway shows. I like Maggies better with tubes and, for what I listen to, I don't need alot of power. Some of the less powerful amps have sounded best, actually. I now have the 3.5's. I tried the Manley snappers and they worked well for me. You should try them. I would bet the 250's would give you more oomph, but the snappers could work fine for you denpending on your listening needs.