Magnepan LRS- what amp should i consider? (sub $2,000)

Howdy!   Help !
I'm not very current on high end equipment these days- I bought my Vandersteen 2CE's about 20 years ago, and haven't been tracking the market since.   

But, since I'm going to "test drive" a pair Magnepan's LRS soon - I need to lasso a more powerful and detailed amp (my Adcom 50 wpc thang is not gonna cut it).  I could go new or used. I listen to a lot of Jazz and G  Dead, and often play things loud.  The room is 11 x 21, and has some useful sound absorbing panels behind the listening "station".

I'd really appreciate any thoughts on a suitable power amp or integrated amp - at a somewhat reasonable price. And- given the rest of my qwipment (noted below) should I invest in some cables & interconnects too?

My (fairly humble, but exciting) system:
Harmon Kardon T60 TT w/a Audio Technica VM 540 ML stylus-  running thru a Nakamichi 610 preamp.  I'm streaming my >8,000 song iTunes library from an Apple TV box into a Cambridge Audio DAC 100. Also have a HSU sub hooked in too. I don't own any fancy cables or interconnects.

I just grabbed a Nad c298 power amp. It replaced an adcom gfa-545. I loved the way the 545 sounded. The older adcom power amps lack a speaker protection circuit though. I just got the klh model 5’s and didn’t want to take the chance with an older 545 even though I loved the sound. It’s rare, but they can fry speakers. The c298 is at the very top of your budget at $1999, but it uses a newer class d module that sounds amazing, very detailed and tons of power.
If you don’t care about the speaker protection circuit. The older adcom gfa-555/555II have 200 wpc, and would suit your purpose. You can find ones in great condition for sub $500 easily. I don’t know much about the newer gfa-555se, or if it has speaker protection. Love the older adcom sound.
If you’re interested in some of the newer class d amps though. I’d recommend investigating. I’m happy with my c298. You can find many that are plenty powerful for cheaper too. Look for amps that use ice power, hypeX, ncore, or purifi modules. If I hadn’t gone the separates route, I’d have probably gotten the rogue audio Sphinx, which someone already recommended. Tubes plus 100wpc of class d 👌.
I currently feed my LRS's with a Parasound Hint Integrated. As mentioned above, a sweet combo. It has plenty of current, John Curl design and is a virtual Swiss Army knife of an amp. I decided to consolidate gear awhile back using the Halo INT as the centerpiece and have't been disappointed. A solid DAC, Bass control (I run 2 Speedwoofer subs) and phono section makes this a quality one stop shop.
I also had a very good experience with a Wyred STA-500 I think it was. Class D but sounded quite good and plenty of juice...
That is a speaker that requires a amp stable to under 4 ohms 
to get proper control ,not much out there any good at $2k 
maybe parasol do, or the Anthem bipolar amp 250 wpc is solid 
safe and sound audio has these and gives good deals .
Personally I would not buy the Maggie I owned several 
the parts quality is Horrible ,just look at the connectors Pathetic 
still holes and fuses ,the worst possible connections 
the Xovevpure cabbage 50;cent crap resistors capacitors on same level and the frame flexes like a sale ,save your money .unless you want to completely rebuilt it correctly ,you would think in 20 year they would ,Nope mThe panel is power hungry , Elac has several 
Jones designed speakers that are excellent products ,
even SVS , in this day and age ,nit even a normal connector on a speaker simply pathetic, and if you use spades Too Bad buy a cheap adapter ,to plug into a nickel steel connection full of resistance and noise, and who in their right mind want to add more distortion with a fuse to the signal path ? Not Me ,I learned the hard way .