Considering Audio Sensibility (AS) Statement Phono cables on VPI Prime

Hello All-

I'm exhausted trying to find answers to my cable questions. First, my VPI Prime has the JMW 10"-3D tonearm with "Discovery" wiring (Copper). Many VPI owners have used the AS statement phono cables(silver, not copper) on there TT's but I can never find out if they have copper or silver tonearm wiring (it's never mentioned). No way to find this info out from VPI or the threads on VPI forums, so many makes/models and years of TT.

So, who has used a silver phono connect from a TT(with copper wire) to preamp & what were the results? It's obviously not a metal match. My understanding is it's best to find a lead (in my case it would be the VPI copper phono lead) that matches the wire used within the tonearm. Seems many peeps are going with the AS silver phono connects yet never make mention to their tonearm wire, whether it is copper or silver.

I really don't plan to have my tonearm re wired right now but need to get a phono cable to use. If I knew some VPI owners (or other makes) have used silver phono cable with their copper arm wire with good results I wouldn't think twice. 

The other option I'm thinking I could go with AS Impact SE (copper). I hear it's popular across the forums, but not an exact match that the VPI phono cable would be. Another option, but don't know the consequences would be go with a copper phono cable but use silver in the speaker wires, can't find any info on that scenario either. Would silver mix or coating of a speaker wire change sound characteristics to any extent compared to having a silver phono connect?

I think it's just a matter of hearing from those who know what their tonearm wire is and use of silver phono connects to copper arm wiring. Or, those who know they have copper arm and copper phono connects but are using silver speaker wires. I doubt there are many who can bite on this thread??

VPI owner here.

You're thinking WAY TO MUCH into what cable to use. Try one of both, clearly your feel it's important.
+1, @tablejockey

@robes, check out Zavfino tonearm cables. They have a well balanced, fuller and gorgeous sound. I’ve paired Majestic OCC with my SME V tonearm.
A comment based upon a very limited A-B comparison experience with SE ICs.
I so far have used good high quality SE separates for my Prime connects.
That is not a purpose designed IC (phono) cable and have determined a copper cable can sound better than a silver plated cable.
My 3D arm is not 'Discovery' wired and you should not discard current wiring thinking one could be better.
As has been stated don't be to quick to reach a conclusion.
'Discovery' would likely not detract and possibly be a positive contribution.
OCC cable may provide a better experience overall in general (based upon user reports).
Yes - exhausting happens with so many choices at many points.

The original VPI phono cable was made by Discovery and used the same wire that the JMW 10 arm uses.  The Prime Signature uses Nordost silver wiring in the tone arm. 
I have a HW-19/4 table with the original JMW 10 arm. It originally had Discovery, and with Nordost Frey 2 phono cable (silver over copper wire) it was a very good match. After rewiring the arm with Nordost at VPI, that combination was a bit sterile but had great detail. I found a second arm wand for less than the cost of a rewire and went back to the Discovery. The VPI phono cable was warm but lifeless with either arm.
Greatly appreciate all the comments so far. A number of my questions have been answered and more to contemplate especially the idea of not necessarily a need to use the same wire in tonearm and phono interconnect- that a difference maybe a benefit. Again I see a reference to the VPI discovery phono connect as "warm" which I don't want much of. wlutke's comment makes me think trying the AS statement silver phono connect may very well direct me in a prefered direction.