Magico owners S1Mk 2

I have interest in these particularly for their apparent(from reviews) extended and maybe somewhat prominent treble response. Would like ONLY Magico owners of said model to comment on this. At 64 my hearing could use some treble boost. 
Also I have to admit that 18k list seems high for the overall package. What qualities are unique to them to justify the price? The reviews are naturally quite good but real owners opinions are much more important. Also due to location I have zero ability to audition. Thanks in advance for potential comments.
excellent description. thanks. would you describe them as lean or was there some bass weight within their limits? 
I wouldn’t call them lean so much as chesty, and cool, and kind of an odd speaker to fit to a room.

The treble is very smooth, and very wide. You get an amazingly wide sweet spot but only if you have the right room and can place them far away from side and rear walls.

What I mean by chesty is the lower ranges of the female voice, to piano seem accentuated in all the Magico’s I’ve listened to. This is a point many other listeners dispute and disagree with me on. Listen to Diana Krall and see how she does for you.

The treble is absolutely glass smooth, one of the best I’ve heard, but it is also a little elevated and will sound better at low volumes, so if you feel you have hearing loss, this may do very well for you.

They are also terribly insensitive and need a big sturdy amplifier to sound their best. And here’s the rub, IMHO. These are small, limited output speakers that are very demanding on amp and room. I mean, for a small speaker, you’d like it to be more forgiving, and let you take less space, but really the opposite is true. They’ll take as much floor space as a larger speaker would due to their ultra wide dispersion. Also, why get a small speaker you want to listen to at low volumes that's going to demand really big beefy amps?  This kind of balance really leaves me scratching my head overall.

If you have the room for them, a speaker from the Magico A line is probably going to be much more speaker for the money. More dynamic range, more bass, and similar mid-treble voicing.

I would take erik_squires comments with a BIG grain of salt. It has been proven a few times already that his imagination works overtime.
I have my doubt if he has ever hard a Magico.

That is an unkind comment with no basis in fact. I have never had reason to doubt the veracity of his observations which normally seem very even-handed.
no need for contention. i appreciate erik’s comments. the only thing that seems weird is this incredibly built non resonant cabinet sounding chesty or maybe with too much mid bass. It’s not ported and only has a 7” mid/bass driver. it seems incongruent but you hear what your hear.