Maggie 3.6 versus 3.5

Is the Maggie 3.6 vastly superior to the 3.5 model?
See the August issue of Stereophile. That will tell all.
Read the latest edition of Sterophile. It reviews the 3.6 and compares it to the 3.5. According to the mag, yes they are better, but it also says 3.5 owners shouldn't worry. While they're better, they're not too much better. Get a copy. I own a pair of 3.5's and they are very musical.
Magnepan speakers are a musical pleasure, any model. I have had several models over the last 20+ years. In the rush to praise the 1.6 and 3.6 (both of which deserve the praise) , some of the other and/or older models have been a bit forgotten about. The 3.6 is an improvement over the 3.5, but an improvement only, not a wholesale, earthshaking change....and if a person can spend the extra to purchase new 3.6 vs. used 3.5 , do it. However, the 3.5 is still a great value on the used market, and will give much in the way of musical pleasure. But the real joy to be had, for just a bit more on the used market, is the MG-20. Contrary to what all the press would lead one to believe, the 3.6 is not a better speaker than the MG-20.....not even that close really. So, if you can spend a bit more than new the MG-3.6 (say $4,500.00 to $5,500.00 used). the MG-20 is a huge jump in pleasure. I have owned all of the above models, others, and other brands...Martin-Logan, Theil , and others....and the MG-20 is still my choice for music enjoyment. All of this assumes that your choice in music is towards Jazz, Classical, acoustic rock, female vocals.. ...and any other well recorded muscic..... these speakers will not please the rap, hip-hop...or volume person.