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Help How do I ship Maggies??
Thanks for your responses. Looks like BAX global is it. 
Koetsu Black Spec's?
Thanks for the advice guys. The black was just returned from VDH after a 'tuneup.' Thanks for the specific info Goldorak. I will take your advice and load it at 30 at 2g/parralell. Best regards 
Audible Hum
P.S. Checkout the chat topic "AC grounding" on the same list as your post 
Audible Hum
I had the same problem with my ReQuests.What you're probably seeing is a common ground loop. This occurs because of of all the grounds (e.g., the grounding pin on the power cords) on your equipment and the interaction with the shielding on the int... 
Best Bi-wire for Martin Logan Requests
Using 2 eight foot pairs of Kimber Monocle X for biwiring my reQuests. 
Jan Allaerts cartridges
The latest edition of Listener magazine has a review of the Allarets cartridge. 
PS Audio Multiwave
I think I'll stay out of the marketing discussion and get right to the point of the initial question. How does multiwave sound? I've been running multiwave in a P300 for about 3 weeks (it took about 3-4 weeks from web order to delivery). There are... 
Noise problems
I just fixed the same problem using cheater plugs (and thus elimitaing the ground on two source components) and got rid of an annoying buzz. Work back from the poweramp. pull the interconnects off the power amp. Does it still buzz? If so it's the ... 
Maggie 3.6 versus 3.5
Read the latest edition of Sterophile. It reviews the 3.6 and compares it to the 3.5. According to the mag, yes they are better, but it also says 3.5 owners shouldn't worry. While they're better, they're not too much better. Get a copy. I own a pa... 
Best tonearm for AR-ES1?
As suggested one of the Rega arms would be a good match, the 300 in particular given the price points of table and arm.. I haved owned an ES-1 since '91 and have a Premier MMT arm mounted. It is a very synergistic combination. I saw one of these a... 
AR Turntables as a starter table?
I don't know about some of the other AR models, but I've owned an ES-1 with an MMT arm for about 9-10 years and it's worked flawlessly and still looks new. It's got the 3 point suspended chassis. Once in a while you will see one advertized at Audi...